Sunday, 22 February 2015

veges, dog training, tomato sauce

I've been busy lately, and also got a bit sidetracked trough Facebook. I finally set up my own page, got nearly slightly addicted, and am over it now. I think.

The bushfires from January are over, we've had some nice cool weather, except for the last couple of weeks, with three weekends in a row of 40 degrees. I'm over that too. Can we please have some normal temperatures for the rest of the year?

Below some pictures from January and February.

With Nora out for afternoon tea in Stirling

Harvest from the vege garden. Beans did very well early on, then all plants died. Zuccinis weren't a huge success. Lots of flowers and very small fruit, only one or two biggies. Tomatoes were excellent. Up till now as plants are at their end.

On my daily evening walk with Bolke.

Who likes Nora's toys? We've had four training sessions now with Bolke, at dog school, and I do think some things are paying off. Of course it's all up to us training him at home, and before you know it the week is over and you haven't done anything yet, but still. He can now sit, sometimes drop, listens to his name, comes often when called, and I've had him waiting on the spot for a minute. Now we have to deepen the learning and add distraction, etc. His loose lead walking is better too.


More tomatoes and beans. Cucumbers were good too, until all plants died. I'm now waiting for the first rock melon to be ready for eating.

Sunset in the garden

Nora at the beach after a swim, eating cookie and popcorn. 

And today I made homemade tomato sauce from a colander full with homegrown tomatoes (normal tomatoes, lots of roma tomatoes and cherry toms). Well, that really was a great success. I used this recipe, and basically went through the following steps:

This is going to be sauce :-)

  • cut everything in pieces
  • throw it all in one pan
  • All in one pan
  • cook on high heat for 10 minutes
  • press the contents through a colander or other thing to remove skins
  • divide the remaining sauce into three parts: 1/4 to be put on a flat surface in a moderately hot oven to make paste (stir often), 1/4 to put in a bowl which you do nothing with and just add at the end for the fresh tomato taste, then 2/4 back in the pan to simmer for 1 hour and thicken
  • when you've reached the desired consistency of your paste and sauce put it all together, add some of the more fluid fresh sauce and tadaaah there it is.
  • Add flavour by adding basil
  • If you want to you can sautee an onion and some garlic and add these to your sauce (I did). It is now finished. And delicious.
  • Make your own pasta, add the sauce and maybe some grated cheese and there you go.

Again: delicious!

Finished! Just enough for a nice meal for three.

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