Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Meet Bolke!

This is Bolke. Our new family member. As you can see, he's right at home. He's 20 months old, and a real Beagle. He is the most gentle and friendly dog I've seen. Very interested in Minnie, the cat, too. After four days Minnie and Bolke often are in the same room together, but Minnie does a lot of hissing when Bolke gets too close. 

Bolke and Nora together. This requires some careful management, with lots of cuddles, praise, and  treats. Bolke finds Nora very interesting, probably because she's the same size. It is great to see Nora imitating our sounds and gestures when she wants Bolke to do something (mostly about giving her some space, that is). Bolke loves Nora's toys. He takes them outside to the lawn, one by one.

Nothing beats a good pasta dish.

Merry Christmas!

Men on the roof, installing our new solar panels. This took one whole morning. They also got a visit from a health and safety officer, to check whether they're complying with the safety procedures. Maybe many men fall of the roof during installation?

Nearly done, 18 panels in total for a 4.5Kwh installation. Vege garden on the right :-)

And done. Quite neat, is it?

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Elbrich de Boer said...

Wat een schatjes!