Friday, 28 November 2014

In the meantime...

And what have we been up to? Quite a lot and nothing much at the same time. My mum has been here for three weeks and is back home in The Netherlands again. Her visit was an interesting one; contrary to last year's visit when Nora was just six weeks old and doing nothing much but sleeping and eating, this time Nora made very clear each day that this intruder in her home wasn't to be tolerated. Neither in the car. Or at the table. Or when she touched the pram while Nora was walking beside it. Or when she sat on the couch very close to Nora's designer toy rabbit. Add to that her sudden recurring night waking, and we have a slightly exhausting situation. But a day or two before my mum would return home, Nora showed some careful approach techniques.

Then the vege garden. Corn is coming up beautifully, we've eaten endive, all sorts of tomatoes are growing enthusiastically, dwarf beans are flowering, so do the courgettes. Cucumber was slow starting, but now growing rapidly. Same with rock melon, eggplant, capsicum and chilli. We're already eating a couple of strawberries a day, and blueberries too. And now and then a raspberry. The herbs are exploding. Rhubarb is difficult, not doing much.

The roses I planted have all been flowering, and are working on their second round of flowers.

We've had the 'Bug Boys' round to spray insecticide around the house, as we came across too many spiders, especially red backs in plain sight quite low to the ground. The house is now a graveyard, so many insects! Lots of spiders falling down from the pergola in the first two days, and that has stopped now. But this stuff lasts for about six months, so the bugs continue to fall. Especially millipedes, too many centipedes to our liking, pissebedden (no idea what they are in English), cockroaches, beetles. You name it and it drops dead when it touches the outer walls of our house. Ask my mum, as she was a witness of this intriguing adventure. Her first time in Australia in summer, when all the creepy crawlers are out and about. She loooooved it. No, let's change that into: there was a lot to discover.

What else? Ah, Age. Well, I expect him back home any minute from another week interstate. I've hardly seen him the last month, there is a lot of consultancy to be done at the moment. But they've taken on another person to especially take over the travelling part of Age's job, so that he can focus more on product development. A bit unlucky that their first trip together started with a nasty vomiting bug for the new colleague, and diarrhea for Age. Such fun!