Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Interesting wildlife and 37 degrees

When we were being picked up from the airport back home here in Adelaide, my friend Olivia mentioned that there apparently was a very large number of redback spiders around. And the snakes were awake again too.


A couple of days later I nearly stepped on a blue-tongue lizard in the garden. They are not dangerous, but they look a bit like a snake, depending on the angle you're looking at it.

Then last weekend I found a redback sitting on one of our flower pots. And I had one on my golf buggy - which had been sitting in the garage for six weeks. And I suspect another one but I haven't been able to find it yet. I've sprayed the buggy, and my golf bag, and in every club cover, and the pockets in the bag a couple of times, so there shouldn't be one anymore, but still.

Then I cleaned the windows - the result is awesome - but found a couple more redbacks. And other species. So off to the Bunnings we went to buy surface spray, because we decided we'd now had our share.

And then last Sunday with golf I headed straight for a brown snake, on a concrete path connecting one green with the next tee. The lady behind me on the path saw it and gave such an almighty scream that we all jumped up a metre in the air, and we'd never hit the ball as far on the two next holes as we did that day. Talking about adrenalin.

Then lastly, today is our first 37 degrees of the season. And it's already quite dry too; there hasn't been much rain in the time we've been away, and certainly not after we've come back. It might be another hot, dry summer.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Our trip within our trip

So we went to The Netherlands for six weeks, in August and September, to see family and friends. This time we thought we make it a nice long break, with a real holiday for us somewhere in it too. That way we would be able to see some more from Europe, as we were thinking of going through Germany to Switzerland and back via France.

Luckily for us, Age's parents have a campervan - a real proper campervan, too! So after only a couple of days in The Netherlands and lots of visits of our family and siblings, we took off for a round-trip of two weeks.

At a campground in Enschede (NL). Playing with Nora. She took up a liking for pebbles. To eat.

Our homely home.

Dinner is about to be served, but Peppa Pig is important too.

Somewhere in Germany, I can't remember where it was. A riverside camping. Campervans had to park onto the paved area, which was not very level.

Doing the dishes with Nora in the carrier. It became very quiet on my back, as she'd fallen asleep.

Somewhere in Germany, just off the motorway. We stopped in this village for lunch.

It was market day.

We all know what Nora is having for lunch! The scratch on her cheek is from a fall off the main bed in the camper on the very first evening. Age and I were discussing how to arrange Nora's bed in the front, while she fell off the bed on the floor behind our backs. It was awful. Her cheek has seen all the colours of the rainbow :-( It didn't bother her very much after a good cry, I think we were more affected by it.
Our first proper stop (two nights) was in Freiburg, in the South of Germany. I had once been there on a conference and quite liked the little old city in the Schwarzwald. Our campsite was quite close to the town centre, a pleasant 2 or 3 km walk through the hills. It was the first day with milder weather.

A real shepherd, with sheep and dogs.

There it is, Freiburg.

Walk, walk, walk.

There it is again, the city centre. And a steep hill with vines.

Someone got quite good at walking.

As said before, Nora loves her sunglasses. For two seconds, that is.

Yummy, raspberries.

Nora explaining something very important.
Next post: Switzerland and France :-)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

So, what has happened?

So what happened in the meantime?

Nora made her first proper art work. She really took off learning to walk.

And started eating with a spoon - with mixed results

She loves sunglasses

Loves everything Peppa Pig

Plays the piano very well

And can sit on her own little chair.

Nothing much happened over winter, we just worked and were happily at home in our spare time. The winter vege garden wasn't a huge success, it was just too wet. But we did eat a couple of radishes, lettuces, and beetroot.

In August and most of September we were in The Netherlands. A whole six weeks to see our family and friends, and to go on a little holiday within our holidays. More on that in the next post.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Here we go again :-)

Not yet, but it won't be long. Got too many complaints about quitting the blog. So we'll pick up where we left, somewhere in May if I'm correct. But first Age has to upload tons of pics from our camera onto the computer, and then sort them a bit, which always takes a lot of time - but our stories are a lot better with pictures than without :-)