Friday, 2 May 2014

Birthday girl!

Our little Nora turned one this week! A bit strange, a birthday on a Monday, with both of us having to go to work. So we only had the early morning to do birthday-like things, like singing and giving presents. When I got Nora out of her bed we went to our bedroom, to the big bed, and crossing the family room and kitchen she noticed above her highchair the garland we'd hung there the night before. That was rather cute.

In the carrier on a nice walk. There is a bit of surf out there, and we saw a dolphin surfing in the surf, just like it was sculpted in glass, quite special.

Us singing to her was something she found quite interesting, but she didn't give a hoot about the presents. The only things she wanted - as usual - were our phones on the bedside tables and the ipad on the bed to Skype with pake and beppe in The Netherlands, who were going to bring her a serenade. And because we don't want to encourage screentime too much she got grumpy as hell. Very promising for the rest of the day at childcare, and that on her birthday.

See the pebbles (and the stacking cups) on the ground?

But when I picked her up from childcare in the afternoon she apparently had had a very good day, phew. At home again she got another serenade, now from cousin Susan, playing the flute. Nora was very busy crawling through the house and pulling herself up on every piece of furniture she encountered throughout her conversation with Susan and Granny Judith, but the flute concert got her attention.

And now she's one! Amazing, isn't it?

We've also had a week off with Easter. We've done lots around the house, like organising the garage, tending to the vege garden, altering the remaining curtains, installing more curtains, re-organising Nora's room and Age's study, buying outdoor furniture... And we've enjoyed fantastic weather the last three weeks. People were calling it an Indian Summer, with temperatures in the early twenties most days, clear blue skies, and cold nights. The turn has arrived however, as I'm writing this. It's been wild and windy today and the chance of rain is quite high for the rest of the week, with temperatures dropping below 20.

In our week off we also have done lots of walks - to allow proper digestion of the banoffee pie I made -, with Nora in the carrier, which she loves. She quite happily sits on my back, humming along, or loudly singing (well, we think it's singing). And always after a while she falls asleep.
We take a backpack with a picnic and at some stage sit down for a bite to eat. Once when we had our picnic sitting on our coats on the ground, she got pieces of grapes, which Age was giving to her. Then I heard him say 'hey, what's that?' And he opened her mouth and got a big pebble out!

And on another day, when I was playing golf and Age and Nora had the day to themselves, he found her in the kitchen next to Minnie's tiny bowl with 'extra special' cat biscuits, munching on something. And it was too far gone to take it out of her mouth. Apparently she wasn't very impressed with it. So now when she comes across the little bowl she points at it, and looks into it, but doesn't touch them.
Now that I'm reading this back I realise I'm lying about this, as this morning she tried another dry biscuit. So they're still attractive.

The time has come to let Age crawl through the house to see what Nora could come across on her adventures, and be one step ahead of those little fingers.

Walk along the coast and river mouth in Noarlunga.