Monday, 7 April 2014

Project continues, the vege garden is a fact

Lots of hard work, last weekend! But the result is amazing - a big bare patch of dirt. So I think we can easily conclude that the vege garden is a fact.

Age busy digging. These plants are very spiky, so his arms and legs look a bit ragged now.

Age dug out all the trees - more or less on his own, because we didn't have two shovels. We were lucky in a way, because about 30 cm in there is a tough clay layer, preventing the roots of the trees to go through and root deeply. I don't know what this will mean for my leeks and carrots, will they become short and thick??

Still digging.

We had two interested parties for our plants, both expecting to spend the day digging, but when the first couple arrived Age was just busy with the last one. Which proved to be toughest too - no layer of clay!
They loaded about a third of the lot onto a trailer and decided that that would probably be enough for their garden.

Always handy. But why do I always get a huge clump of mud sticking underneath?

The second couple came later in the afternoon, with two cars. One tiny car and a bigger one, and they somehow managed to shove the leftover four huge trees in the tiny car, and the flax and a couple of little trees in the big car. It is a miracle that they arrived home safely, as there was no way that Hannah, the driver of the small car, was able to see anything besides through her side of the front windscreen.

Leveling the patch. Minnie is very interested in this new litter tray. The hoses you see are for irrigation and will be put under the soil again.

They picked up the two remaining trees the next day. In the meantime I spent some time leveling the now bare patch, measuring plant beds, and planting some of my lovely seedlings. We also bought a lime tree, so now we've got an orange, a lemon and a lime - all visible from the kitchen window.

Leveling the last bit.

And.... Nora is crawling! Olala, she's suddenly not there anymore where I put her. Need eyes in the back of my head.