Monday, 18 November 2013


Aargh. I made such a nice blog post (of course), and the bloody thing didn't get saved properly and gone it is. Well, then just the pics only, that'll do this time.

Who is the wisest lady in the world?

First taste of our outdoor area after getting the key.

Who loves her food? And Fryslan?

Who has fun after her bath?

Monday, 4 November 2013

Most of the hard work has been done

Phew, we have moved house. Two weeks ago already, but I haven't had the chance to blog about how great it is here. We also still don't have internet hooked up, so that's not helping either. Cleaning the rental place is nearly done, with only the outside and garden left over to tick off the list. Plus replacing a curtain, ripped to pieces by Minnie.
Jos and Zwaantje have been our heroes thus far, and are now in New Zealand for a well-earned holiday. Age is actually in NZ too, but he's just flying in and out in two days. He also was away last week, which means that progress in the new house has been reasonably slow, as it was up to me and Nora to unpack boxes and keep on top of the weeds in the garden.
I've seen my fair share of wildlife here too: koalas, centipedes, spiders, a gecko, ants in various sizes, and birds.
Minnie tried to escape each time I was near a door, so a couple of days ago I thought well, off you go then. I left the sliding door open and gee, was someone excited to be outside! She's quite careful and comes running in happily whenever she sees me. Next thing on the list is a pet door.
Nora is doing great, six months already. Eating like a dock worker,  fish, meat, cheese, veggies, fruit. And growing, we're up a size again:68-74 and closing in on 0.
She starts to understand drinking from a cup, discovered her feet and ears, and is now totally into sitting - with some support.