Monday, 30 September 2013

Our move is getting closer

Only three more weeks to go and then we'll take possession of our new house. This time we decided to move ourselves, fed up as we are with all the damage to our goods by the various removal companies we've used over the years. So we've hired a truck, bought boxes and stuff, and now we just have to wait till The Date. What helps a lot is that Age's parents will be with us then :-)

Blocks are fun
We've also experienced a couple of 'but that's not fair'-moments:

  • Age got a parking ticket for his motorbike plus a couple of demerit points on his license. A stupid case of the council adding a tiny temporary sign on top of another sign at his usual parking spot that it wasn't allowed to park there. The next day the sign was gone, but the damage already done. Appealing the ticket didn't make a difference.
  • We are breaking the lease on our rental properly, meaning that we have to pay rent till the place has been re-leased. Via our neighbours new people have been found. We agreed with the agency that they would take the property from 3 November, so for us there's just a little bit of overlap. What happens next? The family decided to wait two more weeks, and who will be paying that, hmmm??? What if they would have said 'oh, let's make it Christmas'???? Of course we don't agree, but to let it go to the Tenancy Tribunal goes a bit far. Grrr.
  • There was another example of 'the world has gone mad' but luckily I can't remember what that was.
Who is telling who a story?
I've been busy sorting through all the childcare possibilities that are available here. Although we don't really want to, we have to find some kind of solution for Nora for when I go back to work early in the new year. There is availability in a centre close to our new home; we've visited it and it looked fine. The only thing is that Nora will be by far the youngest (she'll be 8 months then) in her group, and the only one not yet walking. But it's good to know that there's a place. 
We'd like to compare the centre with a couple of others, to be able to make an informed decision. My work offers two options close to where I am, but one of them has a waiting list of two years. I also saw that a Montessori child care centre in the CBD accepts registrations of interest right now, so I'm onto that one as well. As an educational technologist I really can't give Montessori a miss. 

Getting Nora onto child care also means that we'll start training her to drink from a cup soon. I'd like to skip the bottle business and go straight from breast to cup. With expressed breastmilk that is - so that we can go straight from breastmilk to cow's milk with 12 months and skip formula. For me that'll mean expressing while back at work, but I think it's worth it as Nora is doing so well.

Someone in this picture knows it all
In our previous blog post we just started Nora on solids and it was all very new, this stuff with a spoon. But she's a fast learner and an avid eater. She's probably genetically challenged from both sides when it comes to food I'm afraid... She's had pureed apples, apple and pear combi, apple and banana combi, apples with porridge, carrots, carrots with potato, and potato / parsnip / broccoli combi. Yummmmm.
What we also notice now is that it's tantalising for her when we eat something with a spoon - she wants it too!

Standing up is the new big thing
And lastly, our spare bed, which is an 'aerobed' is nearing the end of its life. Inside there must have been a tear in one of the compartments, slowly tearing further and further. The whole bed is taking on the shape of a ball. Lovely. Are we going to replace the spare bed, which won't be slept on much, or will we replace our own bed?? Grrrr. And will we do this before Age's parents arrive?

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Last week we started Nora on solids. I already had lovely baby spoons and a few little storage bowls - they know how to get your money, those smart people who manufacture things for children :-), and I went to a health food store for organic baby porridge. Everyone starts on either baby rice or baby cereal (wheat based), or baby porridge, which in my case is a mixture of rice, millet and oats. So we were ready for it.
I put Nora in her highchair (for two minutes, then on my lap), mixed the porridge with expressed breastmilk, scooped up a spoonful and expected her mouth to open magically.

Tummy time

On the couch with chubby cheeks. At her four-month vaccinations she measured 63cm (slightly above average), and 6.15kg (exactly in the 50th percentile). Wearing size 00 or 62/68

Well, that didn't happen. She had no clue what that thing in front of her mouth was doing there. She looked at me if I was nuts. Somehow we got a few spoons in - a millimeter or something - and she wasn't impressed with her porridge at all. I have to admit that I found the consistency rather strange: watery milk with grainy things in it. So after a couple of tries it was time to stop and offer her the breast to finish her first meal off.

Afterwards I looked at the porridge package, and it said 'warm the mixture up till thick and creamy'. I think I must have been mentally a bit challenged that day or whatever as I had given Nora her porridge raw! The poor thing. And that for a first meal.

In the park on a warm and unusually muggy day

So we tried it again the next day, now with proper preparations, and it looked a lot better. Like porridge :-)
Not that she ate much, as she still didn't know what to do with that spoon. She found it interesting, but accepting that thing in her mouth, no way. Fast forward a couple of days, now with carrot puree, it seemed to go slightly better. She was actually chewing. But the real deal happened only with apple puree - fair enough, who doesn't like good old apple puree?  She is opening her mouth - slightly, and accepting the spoon. Half of the food is pushed outward, but the other half stays inside. I only had a Granny Smith apple, so it must have been a bit tart, but she seemed to 'enjoy' her food a bit better.

Her facial expressions are priceless. We need to make some pictures of those in the weekend.

Not much else to report on. The last couple of weeks have been good. Nora has been good. We did have some trouble with getting her off to sleep, especially when she was really tired. We always sing songs at her bedside, mainly 'slaap kindje slaap' (something like 'twinkle twinkle little star'), - it's the only song Age knows - but we found out that she probably hates that song. She loves 'stille nacht, heilige nacht' ('silent night') and 'o denneboom' (oh Christmas tree??) and every other song on the planet, but not slaap kindje slaap.
In the car she likes Andrew Lloyd Webber songs, sung by a certain lady with a very clear voice. Maybe because those songs are a bit theatrical and go up and down a lot?

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Spring is here!

It's spring and we are certainly aware of it, with temperatures about to hit the 30 degrees today. A good excuse to go to the beach with my new friends and their babies.

When we came back from our holiday last week we realised that Nora now definitely needed to be out of her cradle - she was hitting her head at the top, the sides with her arms, and the bottom with her feet. So the next day we bought a cot, I spent a large part of the day assembling it, and that evening we transferred her. Curious how she would take it we brought her to bed, and without so much of a sound she went peacefully to sleep.

This Friday she'll get the second lot of vaccinations, and when the effects of those have subsided we are going to start food from a spoon! The high chair has arrived and Nora is already enjoying it (for five minutes at a time).

Interesting (and probably very messy?) times ahead.

- Evelyn