Friday, 23 August 2013

Summer in Winter

It's great to have a Winter break with a Summery taste! The weather in Adelaide is dreadful, cold and wet, and we're escaping all that by going to the sub-tropical climate of Noosa. Like last year it's wonderful, temperatures of 22 - 26 degrees, with sunny days and chilly nights.

Our little traveller is doing great. We're very lucky that our trip hasn't upset her rhythm and routine, and that she's able to sleep well in the provided travel cot. That's the only baby-thing we have here, so we have been forced to be creative regarding where to change her (in the spare bedroom and on the kitchen bench top), how to bathe her (sitting in the kitchen sink), and what chair to use for her to sit in (the stroller - sounds simple, I know, but at home she doesn't want to sit in it if we're not going for a walk).

Nora loves sitting in the kitchen sink for her bath, she even gives us tiny smiles now and then (we still have to work for her smiles!). She also loves sitting with us at the table in her stroller during breakfast. She can see us, meanwhile busy eating, licking and grabbing little Miffy (Nijntje). And busy talking. More and more with each day, and louder too. Our bed and the stroller apparently are the perfect spots for chatting.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Our little traveller

Nora has been on her first flight, and she was fabulous! It didn't look like she had a good time at first, when we got out of the car at the long-term car park and walked in very windy conditions to the terminal - me carrying her in the carrier. But as soon as we were inside and I took her out of the carrier and on my arm she loved it. The whole trip! She liked being fed in the Qantas lounge, she liked boarding, and then sitting on my lap on board the plane. Before takeoff I had her next to me, on my chest, where she fell asleep and slept through everything, until my arms more or less fell off. Correction: she fell asleep after she secretly vomited a little on my vest; just enough to send smelly wafts my way during the remainder of the trip. Yuk.

We had an empty seat in our row, so when she woke up I put her on her back on that seat and she loved it. She was very busy talking with us, or, 'experimenting with her vocal chords'. I'm convinced that she is now capable of saying 'hi', 'hello', and 'hands'. Or something like it.
She didn't like it at all when I got up and went to the toilet, so Age was kept busy with a crying baby - heheheh, always nice when you're needed as a mum :-)

Back on the breast upon my return and she happily stayed there till we disembarked the aircraft. Through Brisbane airport in the 'forward facing seat position', and in the pram as soon as we retrieved it from the belt. Then in the car seat for the remainder of the trip - all good, smiling and talking, and at last, sleeping.

Upon arrival at our holiday home we made her ready for the night, gave her a top up and then put her into her new bed. Ahhhh, she made us proud that day time and again. She fell asleep without problems - unlike today, where she kept crying and screaming and we couldn't settle her at all.

Until we thought 'maybe she liked the position of her bed better as it was'? We thought we were smart by changing the position of her bed in our room, as the open window was quite close to her head. So we turned the cot around, meaning that Nora was facing the other way. Well, she made us very clear that that was not what she likes. She wants the wall on her left side, not on her right, just like at home. As soon as we turned the cot back, she fell asleep. Oh lala.

- Evelyn

Thursday, 15 August 2013

It's a go

The house is a go, woohoo! Can't wait now :-) Minnie can't wait either, she's very ready for roaming around outside and digging some serious holes.

Nora is doing very well, although gave us a scare last night with a blocked nose, preventing her to breathe properly. After injecting some saline water into her nose, sucking it out again and applying a dab of deep heat on the back of her sleeping bag she seemed fine again and slept well. Maybe it wasn't mucous but dried milk?

She is now grabbing things and holding on to them, which is quite amusing, as you see her wondering 'what's that doing in my hand and why is it so close to my face?'.
She is also going through a bit of a growth spurt, and suddenly is too big for size 000. Ready for the next size up, andI had to buy a couple of things as we only seem to have summer clothes in that size. It's great shopping for baby :-)

And I just discovered lots of hair in her bed, meaning that she's probably working on a new hair do. Curious what that will be!

- Evelyn

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Signed a contract on a house

It's getting boring - we are buying a house, again :-).
The rental place we have is neat and good, but as Nora is getting older things will become a bit trickier, like dirty little hands on pristine white walls that are not our own, bookcases that we're not allowed to secure to the wall, nice little ride-on toys that bump onto corners and kitchen blocks, only fake grass to crawl on, strange rock formations to fall off from...

So we bought a house.

Well, we signed the contract and are now working on the conditions, like building inspection, finance, etcetera. Things are a little bit different here than in New Zealand; something that's crazy is that we now have to insure the house - from the moment the cooling-off period ends, which is tomorrow, while the house technically isn't ours till changeover date in October. So it's double insured: by us and the current owner, and according to our conveyancer, it's just for when the house burns down in this period that both insurance company can have a fight with each other.
The front
Of course we can't wait, it's a lovely house. And Jos & Zwaantje will be the happiest of all, because during their visit it's all going to happen and they'll be caught up in the middle of our move :-)

Dining, Family and Kitchen
Formal Lounge

Outdoor entertainment area
Back yard - very Nora-friendly :-)