Monday, 29 July 2013

Baby bonanza

Just done our grocery shopping online for the week, so now a bit of time to do something else. Minnie is asleep in Nora's chair, Age is browsing the internet in the lazy chair, and I'm at the computer.

Yesterday we had three couples with their new babies over at our place for a bbq. Those Aussie (and Kiwi) bbq's work like a treat: everyone brings their own meat, drinks, and a salad. Then the men (of course) prepare the meat all at once (if the bbq is big enough), and the women busy themselves with the babies. At some point in time the meat is done and brought in. It's all put on the kitchen bench, plus the salads, and voila: there's a buffet with way too much food. Initially we were going to go to Belair National Park, for a real Aussie outdoor bbq in the park, but it would maybe be too cold for the little ones, so we decided to keep it indoors.

It was lovely, but I'm very pleased that I'm not working in a kindergarten or a child care centre, because I would go crazy quickly. How you're ever able to keep an eye on six babies (that's the ratio I think) at once and cater for their individual needs is beyond me. All our babies took turns in smiling, crying, feeding, and screaming. Every parent, has had to pace the floor to console a baby - if we would have had carpet we probably would need to replace it by now. To make things even more interesting, there also was a two-year old running around. But overall, I think the babies all did very well - till about four o'clock - then they all started to scream in unison. Time to break up :-)

And... we celebrated another milestone: Nora is three months old! She's now starting to bend forwards when she's sitting up. Like when she's in the chair on the picture below, she bends forward - with a lot of grunting - and seems quite surprised to see her own feet. I've also see her doing it when she lies flat, again, with a lot of grunting ('aaaarrgghhh'), and now and then she transforms in this little ball, rolling over on her side. So I think this is probably the first stage of rolling and sitting??

Nora in her bouncer

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Out and about

To keep Nora happy and entertained throughout the day I try to get as much out of the house as possible. This usually means at least one walk a day, often two, and/or a ride in the car to some place. To a cafe for example, or a shopping centre, or the beach, or the CBD. I try to have one mission ouside the house a day, and when that mission is completed we'll spend some time at home.

The end of the afternoon, between 4 and 6, is often an interesting time, as Nora gets grizzly and really is ripe for her bath and bed. A walk in the neighbourhood works quite well to pass the time before Age comes home, and to distract her.

I almost always send Age a picture of the day, with Nora's pram in the foreground, and a short text of where Nora has been that day. 'Nora in Brighton, enjoying her coffee'. 'Nora at the Italian cafe'. 'Nora in Stirling'.

Nora at the Italian Cafe last Friday. Age ran away from his desk and joined us :-)
Because we're going out a lot at the moment, we're spending some time in the car, and I took the opportunity to snap a few pics from Nora in her car seat. With those rear-facing seats it's hard to see what your baby is doing when you're the driver, but now that it was weekend and Age joined us for the ride, I hopped in the back and enjoyed watching Nora. She equally enjoyed having company :-)

Such a little wise lady
It's been quite cold and wet the last week, we even had hail that remained on the ground for a couple of hours. Great to finally get that hat out of the mothballs, as well as my ultra-thick winter jacket. Lovely that Age threw my hat back in the car so that I didn't have it with me on our walk today. We drove to Mt Barker in the hills, and did a walk in a wetlands area. For once we had a smooth asphalt path for the pram, but little miss bumpy didn't like the smooth ride a bit, and wanted to be carried on the arm for a while. When we found a bench she sat on Age's lap, and as you can see on the picture below, a gravel path started. That was more her thing, the more bumps the better, and she quickly fell asleep in the pram. Until we had to take the smooth path back again - immediately awake.

Not sure what Age is doing there, probably eating a piece of chocolate.
Something else that has been funny: Age's been sleeping in the spare bedroom, to get his well-earned rest during the week, as he has to sit at a desk and concentrate. For the last week that wouldn't really have been necessary, as Nora slept from 7pm-6.30am, which is more or less the time that Age gets up. Nora and I enjoyed some good nights' sleep, whereas Age on his own often wakes up from the neighbours' aircon unit in the middle of the night, or from the wind, or rain.
But he joined us for the weekend, and guess what happened? He himself woke up at 2-ish, went to the bathroom, woke me up because of that, and somehow Nora woke up as well. A great success - not.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A big tail

Today we visited Olivia and Charlie, one of the new mums I have met through our antenatal classes with her husband. They live not that far away from us, a bit closer to the coast, so we decided to have a coffee at their place and then go together for a Sunday lunch to one of the restaurants at the beach, followed by a walk.

The weather in our area was drizzly and grey, but at the coast it was fairly sunny with some threatening clouds here and there, so the right place to be.

Nora surprised us this morning by waking up at almost 6.30 in the morning - she's been having some massive sleep bouts the last couple of days, hardly able to make it to 7pm at night, and sleeping straight through till 5.30-ish, but this morning it was even later! This made us somehow quite late this morning too. I even baked macarons at 7.30am - for the very first time. They tasted great, but were somewhat undercooked and very fragile because of that.

Anyway, Nora slept through our visit, as well as our lunch, which was quite nice by the way - the lunch, that is. Then back in the car for a short drive to Port Noarlunga Beach for our stroll along the coastline. And guess what? We saw whales!!!

Age noticed something falling into the water, he thought, splashing, but what could that be? There were no diving birds or something. Then it happened again, and the water spray came out of the water. And another fountain appeared, a bit smaller. That could only be whales, probably a mum with her calf. And then mum did a dive and we saw her tail. Not just once, but this happened every 5 minutes or so, each time a little further away. Big water spout, smaller water spout, nothing, and then a body with a tail. Isn't that lovely?

- Evelyn

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Good weather and lots of outings

In Brighton, enjoying the sunshine with my mum, who is here on a three-week visit - and goes home tomorrow already! We've had the best weather and have been out to do and see things in a leisurely pace in and around Adelaide every day.
Nora eight weeks, hurrayyyy!!!
In Belair National Park - just like seeing two muppets talking to each other
Belair National Park
Nora nine weeks, hurrayyyy :-)
Guess what handy piece of furniture we've just purchased???