Wednesday, 19 June 2013

No time for anything

I don't have time for anything, let alone updating the blog or responding to the pile of emails and postcards - it will happen at some stage, I promise.
All is well here :-)

Minnie on top of the change table, in Nora's grobag. I was helplessly in bed, feeding her.

Nora has been going through a phase where she only wanted to be held like this.

Nora in the carrier, on Granite Island. We have tons of other nice photos, but they're on our new camera. Handy!

My mum is here now, enjoying the nice winter weather, basking in the sun. We've just cleaned the whole house, as our three-monthly inspection is due today. Bloody hard work that is, as we've let the whole house-keeping slip the last two months. There is still enough to do, but that's for the next inspection.

My lemons on the lemon tree are finally ripe - it takes longer for lemons to ripen than to conceive a child! How I know that for a fact? Well, I do.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


So, it's winter! Winter in Adelaide usually doesn't give us snow or proper frosts, but the weather merely becomes quite wet. We looked it up once, how wet exactly, and the average Adelaide winter is wetter than the average winter in The Netherlands - that was a bit shocking to discover. Not that it rains constantly, but there are clouds (yayy), a bit of rain most days, and sunshine. At the moment the temperature is something between 17 and 21 degrees, quite nice I think. Good for playing sports, or, in my case, walking with the pram.

Nora sound asleep in the pram. My first outing on my own to our local cafe.
On my walk to the cafe yesterday I saw in someone's garden high up in a tree a huge white bird, to me it looked like a giant owl. Of course I didn't have our new camera with me, so took the pic below with my phone and sent it to Age, our bird specialist, to determine what it was. He couldn't figure it out (what, that tiny thing, do you think I can see what that is???), we googled, looked it up in our 'birds of Australia' book, but there is nothing like a giant while owl in Australia. Actually, nowhere. It's also not a hawk or an eagle, and we decided that it probably then is an ordinary yellow-crested cockatoo trying to be an owl, but a really big one - although I'm still convinced it's an owl. So my mission today is to find that bird back and take a better pic.

See that bird on that branch? If you click on the pic you'll see what I mean with that it should be an owl.
What else has happened last week... Ah, we welcomed a new baby cousin to the world, Joris, son of my brother. All is well with mother and baby, well done, Arianne!

Nora is five weeks now, and starts to react to the outside world a bit more. She seems to be able to take a lot more in with her eyes, can stare intensely at our faces, and focus on something interesting. And just when you think you've established contact, she nods right off :-).
Snoozing. Amazing how dark her hair is; not what we expected. Maybe she'll be a brunette?