Tuesday, 31 December 2013

And a happy New Year

We're watching the tennis at the moment. There's all sorts of tournaments going on in the lead up to the Australian Open. It's just Age and myself tonight, with Nora asleep in her bed in her new room. Yes, new room. We spent the day rearranging three of the four bedrooms, because we wanted to move Nora from the front of the house to the back. It's much cooler there, and quieter as well. Her new room is also bigger, so it should be easier to keep the temperature more even. It meant that we had to shuffle a lot of furniture around: Nora's bedroom is now my study, the study that I shared with Age is now Age's den plus spare bedroom, and the spare bedroom is Nora's new room.

Lunch at a nice restaurant on Age's birthday
It was a bit of work to keep Nora happy - she missed her nap!

We have been a bit house-bound the last two days, because Nora developed a bout of diarrhoea. It seemed better to keep her at home than to be out and about in the heat. She seems to be feeling fine, but everything that goes in comes out a bit too quickly. A bit unfortunate that we bought nappies a size too big. Those stupid boxes all look the same.

I can feed myself if daddy is not in the mood
We're not sure where her loose poo comes from, but fact is that she's been at the child care centre for two days last week. It wasn't great, she's been very upset throughout both days, and more clingy and slightly unsettled at times at home.
Age and I spent one of those days shopping, of which we both thought would have been nicer when Nora would have been with us. And the other day I spent a lot of the time catching up on sleep, while Age ran some errands. I also went to the golf club to hit a bucketload of balls, the first time in over a year. That was fun. But it wasn't fun to pick Nora up, hearing her cry from the carpark. We're probably headed for a tough couple of weeks.
From Santa Elbrich: a ride-on lamb
We are reading the news about whether or not prohibit fireworks in The Netherlands with interest. Fireworks are not allowed here, neither in New Zealand and it's fantastic. No idiots on the streets who think they're funny days prior to New Year as well as weeks afterwards, and the local councils provide impressive displays, often twice in the evening, once for families with kids about nine in the evening, and then at midnight again. And that's it. Wonderful.

From Santa Lois & Richard: Australian made

Well, we're ready for a coffee with homemade apple pie (good substitute for oliebollen), so it's time to wish you all the best for 2014!!

- Evelyn

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas

I didn't like the leftover Christmas decorations I found in the garage, so I bought everything new, baubles, other hanging things and a guirlande. All in green, green-blue and gold. And I quite like our little tree!

Nora likes it too
Nora and I celebrated Christmas with our two baby-friends and their mums. We all had presents for each other, swapped toys, brought something to eat and had a great time. It was the first day this summer with over 40 degrees heat, but we managed fine indoors with the aircon on and outdoors with the babies in the little pool.

I have done some more swimming with Nora, and she really likes being in the water. It's great! She's been in a couple of different pools now, and likes them all. The next step is back into the sea, as her first experience there wasn't that great. She didn't like her feet dipped in the water there at all :-)

I also found a different child care centre. After my first introductory visit at our original centre I left with an uneasy feeling, difficult to put the finger on, but it didn't feel right. So I tried to get Nora in somewhere else at short notice, which was terrible, because everywhere the waitlists are atrocious. 'Not in 2014, try early 2015'. Duh. But I found a centre, and we're going through the introductory visits as we speak. It feels a lot better.

We also celebrated Sinterklaas in our pyjamas and had a lot of fun.
Ooh, all mine!
Look! New, sunhat.

Not sure about this rabbit. Think I'll quickly turn the page.
Age has been busy at work, and been away a bit in November and December. Even twice to New Zealand, the second time for the delivery of a two-hour workshop... He's home now for two weeks, we haven't made a lot of plans for the holidays. Getting some things around the house done, going to the beach, having lunch here and there, celebrating reaching the big four-oohhhh on boxing day..., having a bbq with baby-friends, mums and husbands (the men all have their birthdays in the last week of December, weird, isn't it?), enjoying summer,...

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The silly season is here

The Christmas trees will come out of the garage this year. Both very plastic trees come from New Zealand, one has been donated by Lois and Richard if I'm correct, and we also have some decorations somewhere. My own glass decorations were shattered in one of our moves, and I have no idea of what's left of it. We haven't had a tree up for a couple of years, because it's a strange and ugly thing in summer with all that daylight. But maybe Nora will find it interesting?

Nora is suddenly big friends with Age. If she sees him, or hears him she'll smile widely, and shrieks with delight. That is lovely, although not when she's on the breast, as she tears the whole thing almost off every time she looks up to see if Age is still where he was a second ago.

Lying down is for babies, sitting for big girls.
Last week I went swimming with Nora for the first time, with her two baby friends and their mums. That was wonderful. It wasn't really swimming, more sitting in a very shallow pool with lots of floating toys. The first five minutes were scary, and she only wanted to sit on my lap in the water. But after that she even dared standing in the path of a water spout, catching the water with her hands, shrieking and jumping up and down. The pool facilities were fantastic, well-tailored for families, and so handy that the pram could be brought inside the pool area.

Nora eating a toy. In the foreground her two baby friends.
What else? We're still busy in and outside the house. Age has been working on a tv cabinet, and it's looking good, although not completely finished yet. We also ordered curtains for a large part of the house.
I noticed a few big ants very close to the front door, so Age sprayed the very last little bit of insecticide barrier spray near the front door, and that flushed out one redback spider and loads of other little creatures. I think we're going to give the whole house a treatment soon seeing that.
Talking about treatments, one evening a couple of days ago we saw dozens of flying ants and lots of wings the next day. But they weren't ants, they were termites. This spooked Age enough to organise a complete termite treatment. So next week we'll get the bugboys who'll spend the day removing bricks around the house - every 30cm - placing bait and pesticide, and then replacing the bricks again. Don't want your wooden frame eaten by termites!

We're also slowly doing some things in the garden. Besides weeding and mowing the lawns we found out that we actually have two irrigation stations and not just one. We couldn't figure out why one part of the garden seemed to appear drier and drier, but after some research in the darkness Age found another station which was actually switched off. Good news for the dry half of the garden :-)

We also have koalas around the house, and they're roaring again at night. It's such a strange sound. When we heard it for the first time two years ago Age thought we had a big lizard or goanna under the bedroom window, whereas I thought it must be a horny kangaroo on the hill. Anyway, it was just a koala in a nearby tree.

Koala in the back yard
And we're going full steam ahead in getting ready for my return to work, food-wise for Nora. Since today she's on two breastfeeds a day, morning and evening, and normal food, milk and water in between. We should be able to continue this for as long as we want to, without any expressing hassle at work. Drinking from a cup still has its challenges, as Nora doesn't quite understand what to do with the different spouts and straws. It takes forever before she has drunk a reasonable amount. I now have every cup on the planet, and there is one that seems to work a bit better than the others. She understands the two ears, and bringing the spout to her mouth, and also drinking, but only for a couple of sips, because bashing and banging the cup on the table with both hands is much more fun than drinking. O well...

Minnie enjoys herself enormously. She now has three friends, one of them very persistent. So much so, that I had to do a double take the other day, because it wasn't Minnie sitting on our carpet in the lounge, but her new friend!

Monday, 18 November 2013


Aargh. I made such a nice blog post (of course), and the bloody thing didn't get saved properly and gone it is. Well, then just the pics only, that'll do this time.

Who is the wisest lady in the world?

First taste of our outdoor area after getting the key.

Who loves her food? And Fryslan?

Who has fun after her bath?

Monday, 4 November 2013

Most of the hard work has been done

Phew, we have moved house. Two weeks ago already, but I haven't had the chance to blog about how great it is here. We also still don't have internet hooked up, so that's not helping either. Cleaning the rental place is nearly done, with only the outside and garden left over to tick off the list. Plus replacing a curtain, ripped to pieces by Minnie.
Jos and Zwaantje have been our heroes thus far, and are now in New Zealand for a well-earned holiday. Age is actually in NZ too, but he's just flying in and out in two days. He also was away last week, which means that progress in the new house has been reasonably slow, as it was up to me and Nora to unpack boxes and keep on top of the weeds in the garden.
I've seen my fair share of wildlife here too: koalas, centipedes, spiders, a gecko, ants in various sizes, and birds.
Minnie tried to escape each time I was near a door, so a couple of days ago I thought well, off you go then. I left the sliding door open and gee, was someone excited to be outside! She's quite careful and comes running in happily whenever she sees me. Next thing on the list is a pet door.
Nora is doing great, six months already. Eating like a dock worker,  fish, meat, cheese, veggies, fruit. And growing, we're up a size again:68-74 and closing in on 0.
She starts to understand drinking from a cup, discovered her feet and ears, and is now totally into sitting - with some support.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Moving house... and visitors

Below you'll find an impression of life in Adelaide with our visitors. And we've started packing for our move next week.


That is, if I was able to find the pictures, but our internet connection here is shit, the pictures on the computer are waaaaayyyy too big, Age puts a smaller version usually on a google website, which I'm never able to find, so I'm giving up for now. I also hate hate hate Windows whatever number it is, as it makes me feel an absolute computer beginner. Who on earth developed that and gave the okay to sell it?? I'm soooooooooo over it.

As you can see, all is well and we're busy.


Just found some pics...

Nora and Beppe

Drie kleine kleutertjes die zaten op een...

Yeahhhh, goodies from The Netherlands! Hats, hats, and more.

Tomorrow we'll get the key, then Tuesday and Wednesday we'll be moving, and back to normal (eehhh) on Thursday.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Our move is getting closer

Only three more weeks to go and then we'll take possession of our new house. This time we decided to move ourselves, fed up as we are with all the damage to our goods by the various removal companies we've used over the years. So we've hired a truck, bought boxes and stuff, and now we just have to wait till The Date. What helps a lot is that Age's parents will be with us then :-)

Blocks are fun
We've also experienced a couple of 'but that's not fair'-moments:

  • Age got a parking ticket for his motorbike plus a couple of demerit points on his license. A stupid case of the council adding a tiny temporary sign on top of another sign at his usual parking spot that it wasn't allowed to park there. The next day the sign was gone, but the damage already done. Appealing the ticket didn't make a difference.
  • We are breaking the lease on our rental properly, meaning that we have to pay rent till the place has been re-leased. Via our neighbours new people have been found. We agreed with the agency that they would take the property from 3 November, so for us there's just a little bit of overlap. What happens next? The family decided to wait two more weeks, and who will be paying that, hmmm??? What if they would have said 'oh, let's make it Christmas'???? Of course we don't agree, but to let it go to the Tenancy Tribunal goes a bit far. Grrr.
  • There was another example of 'the world has gone mad' but luckily I can't remember what that was.
Who is telling who a story?
I've been busy sorting through all the childcare possibilities that are available here. Although we don't really want to, we have to find some kind of solution for Nora for when I go back to work early in the new year. There is availability in a centre close to our new home; we've visited it and it looked fine. The only thing is that Nora will be by far the youngest (she'll be 8 months then) in her group, and the only one not yet walking. But it's good to know that there's a place. 
We'd like to compare the centre with a couple of others, to be able to make an informed decision. My work offers two options close to where I am, but one of them has a waiting list of two years. I also saw that a Montessori child care centre in the CBD accepts registrations of interest right now, so I'm onto that one as well. As an educational technologist I really can't give Montessori a miss. 

Getting Nora onto child care also means that we'll start training her to drink from a cup soon. I'd like to skip the bottle business and go straight from breast to cup. With expressed breastmilk that is - so that we can go straight from breastmilk to cow's milk with 12 months and skip formula. For me that'll mean expressing while back at work, but I think it's worth it as Nora is doing so well.

Someone in this picture knows it all
In our previous blog post we just started Nora on solids and it was all very new, this stuff with a spoon. But she's a fast learner and an avid eater. She's probably genetically challenged from both sides when it comes to food I'm afraid... She's had pureed apples, apple and pear combi, apple and banana combi, apples with porridge, carrots, carrots with potato, and potato / parsnip / broccoli combi. Yummmmm.
What we also notice now is that it's tantalising for her when we eat something with a spoon - she wants it too!

Standing up is the new big thing
And lastly, our spare bed, which is an 'aerobed' is nearing the end of its life. Inside there must have been a tear in one of the compartments, slowly tearing further and further. The whole bed is taking on the shape of a ball. Lovely. Are we going to replace the spare bed, which won't be slept on much, or will we replace our own bed?? Grrrr. And will we do this before Age's parents arrive?

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Last week we started Nora on solids. I already had lovely baby spoons and a few little storage bowls - they know how to get your money, those smart people who manufacture things for children :-), and I went to a health food store for organic baby porridge. Everyone starts on either baby rice or baby cereal (wheat based), or baby porridge, which in my case is a mixture of rice, millet and oats. So we were ready for it.
I put Nora in her highchair (for two minutes, then on my lap), mixed the porridge with expressed breastmilk, scooped up a spoonful and expected her mouth to open magically.

Tummy time

On the couch with chubby cheeks. At her four-month vaccinations she measured 63cm (slightly above average), and 6.15kg (exactly in the 50th percentile). Wearing size 00 or 62/68

Well, that didn't happen. She had no clue what that thing in front of her mouth was doing there. She looked at me if I was nuts. Somehow we got a few spoons in - a millimeter or something - and she wasn't impressed with her porridge at all. I have to admit that I found the consistency rather strange: watery milk with grainy things in it. So after a couple of tries it was time to stop and offer her the breast to finish her first meal off.

Afterwards I looked at the porridge package, and it said 'warm the mixture up till thick and creamy'. I think I must have been mentally a bit challenged that day or whatever as I had given Nora her porridge raw! The poor thing. And that for a first meal.

In the park on a warm and unusually muggy day

So we tried it again the next day, now with proper preparations, and it looked a lot better. Like porridge :-)
Not that she ate much, as she still didn't know what to do with that spoon. She found it interesting, but accepting that thing in her mouth, no way. Fast forward a couple of days, now with carrot puree, it seemed to go slightly better. She was actually chewing. But the real deal happened only with apple puree - fair enough, who doesn't like good old apple puree?  She is opening her mouth - slightly, and accepting the spoon. Half of the food is pushed outward, but the other half stays inside. I only had a Granny Smith apple, so it must have been a bit tart, but she seemed to 'enjoy' her food a bit better.

Her facial expressions are priceless. We need to make some pictures of those in the weekend.

Not much else to report on. The last couple of weeks have been good. Nora has been good. We did have some trouble with getting her off to sleep, especially when she was really tired. We always sing songs at her bedside, mainly 'slaap kindje slaap' (something like 'twinkle twinkle little star'), - it's the only song Age knows - but we found out that she probably hates that song. She loves 'stille nacht, heilige nacht' ('silent night') and 'o denneboom' (oh Christmas tree??) and every other song on the planet, but not slaap kindje slaap.
In the car she likes Andrew Lloyd Webber songs, sung by a certain lady with a very clear voice. Maybe because those songs are a bit theatrical and go up and down a lot?

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Spring is here!

It's spring and we are certainly aware of it, with temperatures about to hit the 30 degrees today. A good excuse to go to the beach with my new friends and their babies.

When we came back from our holiday last week we realised that Nora now definitely needed to be out of her cradle - she was hitting her head at the top, the sides with her arms, and the bottom with her feet. So the next day we bought a cot, I spent a large part of the day assembling it, and that evening we transferred her. Curious how she would take it we brought her to bed, and without so much of a sound she went peacefully to sleep.

This Friday she'll get the second lot of vaccinations, and when the effects of those have subsided we are going to start food from a spoon! The high chair has arrived and Nora is already enjoying it (for five minutes at a time).

Interesting (and probably very messy?) times ahead.

- Evelyn

Friday, 23 August 2013

Summer in Winter

It's great to have a Winter break with a Summery taste! The weather in Adelaide is dreadful, cold and wet, and we're escaping all that by going to the sub-tropical climate of Noosa. Like last year it's wonderful, temperatures of 22 - 26 degrees, with sunny days and chilly nights.

Our little traveller is doing great. We're very lucky that our trip hasn't upset her rhythm and routine, and that she's able to sleep well in the provided travel cot. That's the only baby-thing we have here, so we have been forced to be creative regarding where to change her (in the spare bedroom and on the kitchen bench top), how to bathe her (sitting in the kitchen sink), and what chair to use for her to sit in (the stroller - sounds simple, I know, but at home she doesn't want to sit in it if we're not going for a walk).

Nora loves sitting in the kitchen sink for her bath, she even gives us tiny smiles now and then (we still have to work for her smiles!). She also loves sitting with us at the table in her stroller during breakfast. She can see us, meanwhile busy eating, licking and grabbing little Miffy (Nijntje). And busy talking. More and more with each day, and louder too. Our bed and the stroller apparently are the perfect spots for chatting.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Our little traveller

Nora has been on her first flight, and she was fabulous! It didn't look like she had a good time at first, when we got out of the car at the long-term car park and walked in very windy conditions to the terminal - me carrying her in the carrier. But as soon as we were inside and I took her out of the carrier and on my arm she loved it. The whole trip! She liked being fed in the Qantas lounge, she liked boarding, and then sitting on my lap on board the plane. Before takeoff I had her next to me, on my chest, where she fell asleep and slept through everything, until my arms more or less fell off. Correction: she fell asleep after she secretly vomited a little on my vest; just enough to send smelly wafts my way during the remainder of the trip. Yuk.

We had an empty seat in our row, so when she woke up I put her on her back on that seat and she loved it. She was very busy talking with us, or, 'experimenting with her vocal chords'. I'm convinced that she is now capable of saying 'hi', 'hello', and 'hands'. Or something like it.
She didn't like it at all when I got up and went to the toilet, so Age was kept busy with a crying baby - heheheh, always nice when you're needed as a mum :-)

Back on the breast upon my return and she happily stayed there till we disembarked the aircraft. Through Brisbane airport in the 'forward facing seat position', and in the pram as soon as we retrieved it from the belt. Then in the car seat for the remainder of the trip - all good, smiling and talking, and at last, sleeping.

Upon arrival at our holiday home we made her ready for the night, gave her a top up and then put her into her new bed. Ahhhh, she made us proud that day time and again. She fell asleep without problems - unlike today, where she kept crying and screaming and we couldn't settle her at all.

Until we thought 'maybe she liked the position of her bed better as it was'? We thought we were smart by changing the position of her bed in our room, as the open window was quite close to her head. So we turned the cot around, meaning that Nora was facing the other way. Well, she made us very clear that that was not what she likes. She wants the wall on her left side, not on her right, just like at home. As soon as we turned the cot back, she fell asleep. Oh lala.

- Evelyn

Thursday, 15 August 2013

It's a go

The house is a go, woohoo! Can't wait now :-) Minnie can't wait either, she's very ready for roaming around outside and digging some serious holes.

Nora is doing very well, although gave us a scare last night with a blocked nose, preventing her to breathe properly. After injecting some saline water into her nose, sucking it out again and applying a dab of deep heat on the back of her sleeping bag she seemed fine again and slept well. Maybe it wasn't mucous but dried milk?

She is now grabbing things and holding on to them, which is quite amusing, as you see her wondering 'what's that doing in my hand and why is it so close to my face?'.
She is also going through a bit of a growth spurt, and suddenly is too big for size 000. Ready for the next size up, andI had to buy a couple of things as we only seem to have summer clothes in that size. It's great shopping for baby :-)

And I just discovered lots of hair in her bed, meaning that she's probably working on a new hair do. Curious what that will be!

- Evelyn

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Signed a contract on a house

It's getting boring - we are buying a house, again :-).
The rental place we have is neat and good, but as Nora is getting older things will become a bit trickier, like dirty little hands on pristine white walls that are not our own, bookcases that we're not allowed to secure to the wall, nice little ride-on toys that bump onto corners and kitchen blocks, only fake grass to crawl on, strange rock formations to fall off from...

So we bought a house.

Well, we signed the contract and are now working on the conditions, like building inspection, finance, etcetera. Things are a little bit different here than in New Zealand; something that's crazy is that we now have to insure the house - from the moment the cooling-off period ends, which is tomorrow, while the house technically isn't ours till changeover date in October. So it's double insured: by us and the current owner, and according to our conveyancer, it's just for when the house burns down in this period that both insurance company can have a fight with each other.
The front
Of course we can't wait, it's a lovely house. And Jos & Zwaantje will be the happiest of all, because during their visit it's all going to happen and they'll be caught up in the middle of our move :-)

Dining, Family and Kitchen
Formal Lounge

Outdoor entertainment area
Back yard - very Nora-friendly :-)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Baby bonanza

Just done our grocery shopping online for the week, so now a bit of time to do something else. Minnie is asleep in Nora's chair, Age is browsing the internet in the lazy chair, and I'm at the computer.

Yesterday we had three couples with their new babies over at our place for a bbq. Those Aussie (and Kiwi) bbq's work like a treat: everyone brings their own meat, drinks, and a salad. Then the men (of course) prepare the meat all at once (if the bbq is big enough), and the women busy themselves with the babies. At some point in time the meat is done and brought in. It's all put on the kitchen bench, plus the salads, and voila: there's a buffet with way too much food. Initially we were going to go to Belair National Park, for a real Aussie outdoor bbq in the park, but it would maybe be too cold for the little ones, so we decided to keep it indoors.

It was lovely, but I'm very pleased that I'm not working in a kindergarten or a child care centre, because I would go crazy quickly. How you're ever able to keep an eye on six babies (that's the ratio I think) at once and cater for their individual needs is beyond me. All our babies took turns in smiling, crying, feeding, and screaming. Every parent, has had to pace the floor to console a baby - if we would have had carpet we probably would need to replace it by now. To make things even more interesting, there also was a two-year old running around. But overall, I think the babies all did very well - till about four o'clock - then they all started to scream in unison. Time to break up :-)

And... we celebrated another milestone: Nora is three months old! She's now starting to bend forwards when she's sitting up. Like when she's in the chair on the picture below, she bends forward - with a lot of grunting - and seems quite surprised to see her own feet. I've also see her doing it when she lies flat, again, with a lot of grunting ('aaaarrgghhh'), and now and then she transforms in this little ball, rolling over on her side. So I think this is probably the first stage of rolling and sitting??

Nora in her bouncer

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Out and about

To keep Nora happy and entertained throughout the day I try to get as much out of the house as possible. This usually means at least one walk a day, often two, and/or a ride in the car to some place. To a cafe for example, or a shopping centre, or the beach, or the CBD. I try to have one mission ouside the house a day, and when that mission is completed we'll spend some time at home.

The end of the afternoon, between 4 and 6, is often an interesting time, as Nora gets grizzly and really is ripe for her bath and bed. A walk in the neighbourhood works quite well to pass the time before Age comes home, and to distract her.

I almost always send Age a picture of the day, with Nora's pram in the foreground, and a short text of where Nora has been that day. 'Nora in Brighton, enjoying her coffee'. 'Nora at the Italian cafe'. 'Nora in Stirling'.

Nora at the Italian Cafe last Friday. Age ran away from his desk and joined us :-)
Because we're going out a lot at the moment, we're spending some time in the car, and I took the opportunity to snap a few pics from Nora in her car seat. With those rear-facing seats it's hard to see what your baby is doing when you're the driver, but now that it was weekend and Age joined us for the ride, I hopped in the back and enjoyed watching Nora. She equally enjoyed having company :-)

Such a little wise lady
It's been quite cold and wet the last week, we even had hail that remained on the ground for a couple of hours. Great to finally get that hat out of the mothballs, as well as my ultra-thick winter jacket. Lovely that Age threw my hat back in the car so that I didn't have it with me on our walk today. We drove to Mt Barker in the hills, and did a walk in a wetlands area. For once we had a smooth asphalt path for the pram, but little miss bumpy didn't like the smooth ride a bit, and wanted to be carried on the arm for a while. When we found a bench she sat on Age's lap, and as you can see on the picture below, a gravel path started. That was more her thing, the more bumps the better, and she quickly fell asleep in the pram. Until we had to take the smooth path back again - immediately awake.

Not sure what Age is doing there, probably eating a piece of chocolate.
Something else that has been funny: Age's been sleeping in the spare bedroom, to get his well-earned rest during the week, as he has to sit at a desk and concentrate. For the last week that wouldn't really have been necessary, as Nora slept from 7pm-6.30am, which is more or less the time that Age gets up. Nora and I enjoyed some good nights' sleep, whereas Age on his own often wakes up from the neighbours' aircon unit in the middle of the night, or from the wind, or rain.
But he joined us for the weekend, and guess what happened? He himself woke up at 2-ish, went to the bathroom, woke me up because of that, and somehow Nora woke up as well. A great success - not.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A big tail

Today we visited Olivia and Charlie, one of the new mums I have met through our antenatal classes with her husband. They live not that far away from us, a bit closer to the coast, so we decided to have a coffee at their place and then go together for a Sunday lunch to one of the restaurants at the beach, followed by a walk.

The weather in our area was drizzly and grey, but at the coast it was fairly sunny with some threatening clouds here and there, so the right place to be.

Nora surprised us this morning by waking up at almost 6.30 in the morning - she's been having some massive sleep bouts the last couple of days, hardly able to make it to 7pm at night, and sleeping straight through till 5.30-ish, but this morning it was even later! This made us somehow quite late this morning too. I even baked macarons at 7.30am - for the very first time. They tasted great, but were somewhat undercooked and very fragile because of that.

Anyway, Nora slept through our visit, as well as our lunch, which was quite nice by the way - the lunch, that is. Then back in the car for a short drive to Port Noarlunga Beach for our stroll along the coastline. And guess what? We saw whales!!!

Age noticed something falling into the water, he thought, splashing, but what could that be? There were no diving birds or something. Then it happened again, and the water spray came out of the water. And another fountain appeared, a bit smaller. That could only be whales, probably a mum with her calf. And then mum did a dive and we saw her tail. Not just once, but this happened every 5 minutes or so, each time a little further away. Big water spout, smaller water spout, nothing, and then a body with a tail. Isn't that lovely?

- Evelyn