Saturday, 22 December 2012

Thursday, 13 December 2012

A little baby girl!!!

We have some very exciting news: the results of the amniocentesis were all good, and the best thing is that we're having a little baby girl!!!

I rang the doctor's office for the results, the midwife on the phone said that everything came back normal. And when I asked about the sex of the baby, she said 'it's a lovely little baby....' and I filled in  'boy', because we just knew it would be a boy. As parents you just know. But then she said 'girl.'

'Excuse me? What did you just say?'

'A girl. It's a girl.'

'No way.'


'Crap in heaven. So it's a girl?'

'Yes. Don't you want a girl?'

'No, that's not it. We were certain it would be a boy. A girl is a bit unexpected.'

'Ah, I see.'

'Wow. Okay, thanks, bye.' So I hung up, and burst out in tears from the sheer shock that the results were all good, and that we're having a girl. I was very impressed. Then I rang Age, who didn't seem quite as impressed as I was, because, as he explained later 'someone has to keep his head cool'. I said that that is very well when I'm in labour, but not needed yet.

I got a real adrenalin rush from the news, was in bed really late, and woke up really early, still very excited. Told my roommate at work, who was over the moon and shed a few happy tears for us - got nearly crushed in a hug. Another lady at work an hour later did exactly the same, so I can now safely assume with N=2 that that's the normal reaction here down under :-))

Brighton Beach, close to the Dutch Shop. Lovely little beachside village, great cafes, great beach.
I also went to the Dutch shop here in Adelaide (for the first time), and got quite the catch of the year: banketstaaf (almond ring), lots of drop (liquorice), blauw met witte muisjes (blue and white anise drops for on a sandwich or crispbread - they didn't have pink!), speculaasbrokken (no idea what that is in English), frietsaus (mayonnaise), ontbijtkoek (what would that be in English? It's definitely not 'breakfast cookie.'). Having tried everything I can tell you that especially the ontbijtkoek doesn't go down well - after eating a big slice with butter I feel like I'm about to explode. But it tastes soooo good! The banketstaaf was fine, but just half the size of the portion Age gave me. Speculaas goes down very well.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Kumara (sweet potato)

It's cucumber time, as we say in The Netherlands, which means it's Summer and nothing much is happening. So not much to tell, other than that the baby is still going strong, and has progressed to the size of a Kumara (add legs to that).

Age has been in Perth this week, and arrived home late last night. This morning we had a one-sided gift-giving morning, where he got a lot of useful presents from Sinterklaas: two pairs of undies, an under-shirt, and three happy t-shirts. He's quite the man now.

It's weekend again, and we're getting into the Christmas festivities. Just had our Divisional end of year meeting, our team is now having some pre-xmas drinks (meaning: wine at your desk, and water for me), and tomorrow we'll have Age's work xmas dinner.