Friday, 31 August 2012

I'm ready for the weekend

Just like I said, I'm ready for the weekend.

The weather in Adelaide has been a bit shocking after Noosa, but I see a nice 19 and 20 degrees coming up for the weekend, and a 25 for early next week. Then it's back to 16 I believe. So we're getting into that weather pattern again, with ten degrees difference within one week.

What to report about...
  • Age spent the week mostly in Sydney;
  • I ran my third Corporate Cup run, on my new running shoes this time. A result is that I need to take the stairs backwards now, due to sore calves. My running shoes are quite different from the pair I had. They're minimalistic shoes / barefoot running shoes, with almost no sole under the heel, and then a bit thicker under the forefoot - so opposite from my trail running shoes, with a big chunky heel. The running technique is quite different too, the shoes make your legs move in a much higher rate. I had the feeling I was sprinting all the time. I managed to take 1.5 minutes off my time, which probably means I was sprinting.
  • I've reached page 226 of my book. Yes, yes, I know. I've written 226 pages :-). Including a steamy erotic scene, which was fun. Difficult to make that tasteful though, so some editing to be done there still.
That's it :-)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Noosa Impressions II

And... We're back in Adelaide. Below some more Noosa pics. Definitely worth going in winter. We had temperatures ranging from low to high twenties, and it wasn't that humid yet.

Our tropical garden.

Blackall Ranges - we did a walk there to the Kondalilla Falls. Beautiful, very tall trees, waterfalls and rock pools.

Noosa Ville Beach.

Age reading a motorbike magazine at the only decent cafe in a place called Gympie. We were heading North, towards, Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. From Rainbow Beach you can take the ferry to Fraser Island, something the travellers amongst us will probably know.

Tin Can Bay was nothing, but Rainbow Beach was stunning. It's all part of the Great Sandy National Park.

Then today, on our way back to Brisbane, we did a little detour through the Glass House Mountains. Very strange volcanic rock formations there.

And we're back home. We had a great week, definitely something to do again.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Noosa Impressions

Here a few pics of our first days in Noosa.

Lake Cooroibah, walking distance from our holiday home

Lookout point at Noosa Heads. Strange volcano-shaped hills in the background.

We came across this one on our run in the morning. It's a carpet python - and dead. Age thought it would be great for a pair of shoes. I saw myself in a nice snake leather skirt.

Age in holiday mode on the verandah.

Noosa Ville. One of the many waterways.

Pelicans. Pretending they are ducks. 'Feeding may result in injury', according to a sign. Yeah.

- Evelyn

Monday, 13 August 2012

Long weekend with Marc, Marjan and Tirza

Just before Marc and Marjan leave Australia to return back to The Netherlands, we caught up with them here in Adelaide for a long weekend. We had a lovely weekend together, with in the background the last bits and pieces of the Olympics.
We went to Goolwa and Victor Harbour - ultimately to watch the whales who come to our coast in winter to breed. Not that we saw any... We did see some kind of water animal, either a dolphin or a seal, later on at Aldinga Beach.
On Sunday we played tennis, had fun at the adjacent playground (Tirza, that is), and went for a nice walk here in the area.
And then really quickly suddenly the weekend is over. They've just left for the airport to head back to Perth again.

One happy Age

Granite Island

Grumpy everyone?

Horse tram rails from Victor Harbour to Granite Island

Aldinga Beach

Aldinga Beach

Friday, 3 August 2012

Horses VI and more

Okay, the horses are now 99% finished I think. Time to look out for a frame.

What else is going on here in SA....
  • I saw a 20 degrees coming up in the forecast for early next week, woohoo, that'll be nice. We had a brilliant day on Wednesday. That was also the start of the Corporate Cup - a running event, in which I'm participating with Age's colleagues. Over 1000 teams register each year, and it was very nice to run with so many people along the river in my lunch break. Next run is in two weeks time.
  • This brilliant weather meant that I could look forward to a hot shower at home. Sounds a bit strange, but it all started with Age and Matt, who often go for a run during work hours, but don't have shower facilities anywhere near where they work. In the beginning we thought that was really terrible: dripping from perspiration back to the office, let it all dry up, then just change clothes. But now it's pretty normal, I do it too, and I do have shower facilities at work :-) Showering is just such a hassle and takes too much time. But about that hot shower at home - during the winter that's quite special, we found out. Our hot water comes from the sun, heating up the water on the roof. Not sure if we have a tank up there, or a mat with thin water tubes. But there's not much sun here in winter, most days are overcast, it rains a fair bit too. That means that in the mornings we do have hot water, as electricity kicks in, and heats the water up overnight. But not during the day. Sporting in the weekend? Lovely, but a tepid or cold shower afterwards. Want a hot bath on a cold evening? Forget it. Cleaning the kitchen after dinner? Not with hot water. In summer time it's the other way round. Our water was literally boiling in the afternoon, and not so hot in the morning.
  • I'm at the 154 pages mark with my writing. Need to bring some depth into the storyline now. But it's going well, nearly halfway, depending on how the story evolves. It changes now an then. When I'm on to a certain flow, I'll just let it go and see where it leads to.
  •  So, I just mentioned the 20 degrees I saw in the forecast. We haven't had that for a while. The winter temperatures here fluctuate between 13 and 17 during the day, with 13 being really cold. We've had two times that there was ice on the car windows in the morning. One of those days being Wednesday morning. I noticed on Tuesday evening that it would become a very cold night. I was preparing myself for my run the next day, by shaving my legs - you know, removing the winter coat. Anyway, me in the bathroom, one leg covered in shaving cream - lights went off. And back on again. Right, that can happen. But then off again. And they stayed off. So I wiped all that stuff from my legs, put a pair of trousers on, got a torch, and went outside, to see if I was the only one here with a power cut (Age was in Canberra - of course). I found the neighbour on the road - doing the same. So it wasn't just me. Apparently, this power cut affected 1000 households in the area, and would probably take a couple of hours to repair, I read on the energy company's website. Grrrrrr. Lovely, and I just wanted to start cooking and then spend the evening watching the olympics. No such thing. By 8.30pm it wasn't just dark, it had also become really cold in the house, so the only thing I could think of doing was going to bed, reading on my phone. Finally, at nearly 10pm, the lights went back on again. All our electrical equipment beeped and flashed, the heating hesitated a couple of minutes, but started too. Stupid evening.