Friday, 29 July 2011


Celebrating our visa for Australia with a very special bottle of wine from McLaren Vale in Adelaide.

Mat gave us this bottle when we were out winetasting and we managed to get it to NZ in one piece. It's the Dead Arm Shiraz 2007 from d'Arenberg.

More information on this particular bottle of wine:

- Evelyn

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Okay, a little bit more music :-)

One more Elbow song, because they're just great!


Our Australian visas came through today!!!
I know, strange spelling; in English it's one visa, two visas. Doesn't sound quite right, does it? Anyway, great result and rather quickly!

The next hurdle is our house, we will put that on the market soon. And make a bit of a planning - when to leave New Zealand?

- Evelyn

Monday, 25 July 2011


Are you bored? Haven't heard a nice piece of music lately? Then listen to the band Elbow with the BBC Orchestra!

Okay, and here their latest single :-)

Saturday, 23 July 2011


I've won the club champ finals in my division!! Played well, was up from the start and just had to keep my cool. I was very happy with my new big umbrella and umbrella holder, great to have your hands free and stand dry under it when waiting for your opponent's next shot.

The final was played over 36 holes. I was 3 up after the first 18 holes. After a quick lunch we moved on for another 18 holes, and finally won on the 14th of that round. Chuffed to bits :-)))

- Evelyn

Friday, 15 July 2011

And finally the snow came!

We had a lot of rain with cold temperatures the last couple of days, but a few k's further south, east and west (everywhere around us really) the rain became snow! The desperate people at the ski fields will be happy now. So are we, as it makes for great scenery now that the sun finally arrived. The pics are made from our bedroom - zoomed in to the max, which makes it look like we're living in an alpine village and that's not the case, we're in a sunny seaside village :-) Mt Arthur is probably about 40mins drive from us.

And there is wombat Ziva, keeping an eye out on the fence.

Saturday, 9 July 2011


So we have the Club Championships on at the golf club at the moment. There are three divisions: Gold (handicap 1-18.4), Silver (18.5 - 24.4), and Bronze (24.5 - 40(?)). I'm in the Silver division and won my match (it's matchplay off the stick, so your handicap doesn't count) last week. I was quite pleased about that, especially because my opponent got really grumpy!

Then today I played the topseed of our division, and I won this match as well! Woohooo, I'm really chuffed! My winning streak started on hole number 1, where I had an awful chip, you know one of those screaming ones over the ground - and I yelled 'hit the pin, hit the pin'! Well, it hit the pin and went straight into the hole! That was a nice par and my opponent couldn't do a thing against it, she wasn't even on the green yet.

The next round in the club champs is the finals, which is a matchplay round over 36 holes. And apparently the finalists are to go on 'tour' to Hokitika later in the year, to play in the 'Champion of Champions' tournament.

Monday, 4 July 2011


And.... It's winter!!
Frosty this morning.

Beautiful camellia's are in full bloom.

Even this fuchsia is going strong!

A clear and crisp afternoon on the golf course.

- Evelyn

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Visa application and poo-fest

Age has the impression that we're quite far in the visa application process already. He is trying to make sense of what kind of visa we need, what we need to do and what Matt (prospective employer) needs to do. The fastest way to get to Australia is through a 4-year temporary visa. Opting for a permanent visa straight away will take a few months longer, as there are health checks required and more paperwork (like character checks, birth certificates, English language proficiency, etc.) involved. So for us a temp visa will do for now. We can always start the permanent visa application process after we've arrived in Australia, something we might do as there are certain benefits of having a permanent visa, like being able to study, or using the state health care system.

Matt has to go through a nomination process, and needs to get permission to nominate Age for the role he has on offer. Sounds complicated, but he thinks it's all very easy and his part is almost done. So it's our turn now to fill out some forms and upload certain documents, which is what Age is doing right now. A timeframe for the visa to come through? We have no idea, a couple of weeks? Sooooooooo, that means that we need to make our home ready to put it on the market!

I've been doing some DIY (do it yourself) last week to finish the leftovers of a wall we've removed a while ago. And I'll replant half of the vege garden again with shrubs, as that particular part is a bare patch of land at the moment.

And then the poo-fest.... Ziva wasn't feeling very well on Wednesday and Thursday, and I went to the vet for her acupuncture session, and the vet said: "O, there is a big chunck of poo sitting here. I'm going to remove that." So he put on some gloves, and removed quite a bit of poo. Immediately after that her bottom was half the size of what it was before! Quite remarkable. He recommended adding some fatty substances to her food, to help her digestion. So I bought something and added it to Ziva's food the next day. Well, she was still not very happy, a bit grumpy on Saturday. She was lying on the armrest of a chair (on a tea towel, yes), when she stood up and went upstairs. I saw a piece of poo stuck in her bottom, so I thought I'll help her and get it out. I got a tissue, and Ziva was on the bed in the spare bedroom (on a towel, yes), and I pulled on this piece of poo. Well, it came out with a 'plop', and that was not all of it: suddenly my whole tissue was filled with poo, and my hands and arms, and the towel, as I don't know how much more came out of her! I had no idea such a tiny cat could poo like two grown-up men! I had to flush the toilet three times, it was insane! Poor thing, she had just been very constipated! After that, she was happy as! Never seen a happier cat, purring and cuddly, and clean.

She is still incontinent by the way, but the numb area is getting much smaller according to the vet. Fingers crossed!