Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Poo and pee but otherwise fine

A quick Ziva update:

- she's doing great with her shaved bottom and rabbit tail. The vet thinks she's healing very well.

- Age as well as I are now managing reasonably okay expressing her bladder, hurray :-)

- As we're talking about nerve damage it could be that we have to deal with poo and pee for the next three months, if it heals at all. But I'm prepared to take this amount of time. Fingers crossed!

- Evelyn

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rabbit in da house!

Ziva's tail was about to break in two, so this morning she's had emergency surgery. She's high on drugs and the happiest cat ever. Never seen anything like it.

- Evelyn

Friday, 20 May 2011


Still haven't managed The Squeeze. Ziva is starting to eye me suspiciously when i enter the room, as i'm either trying to squeeze her bladder or to treat her damaged tail, or clean her bottom. Although i have to say she's quite clean thus far.

But what i'm most worried about at the moment, apart from my incompetence, is a gaping wound in her tail, where the internal pressure probably just got too much which caused the skin to split in such a way that the tail seems close to breaking in two pieces! Have an appointment with the vet to look at that again on Monday, but i think that it can't wait that long.

Very glad that Age will be back tomorrow from a week in Canberra.

- Evelyn

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

And another Ziva update

Ziva is doing quite allright. She is causing me some headaches by becoming more mobile. Today in the garden she was suddenly halfway up the trunk of a tree, while I was keeping an eye out.

And she has found all her favourite spots again in the house to lie down. So that's all good. Still going to the vet every day to get her bladder squeezed as I still haven't managed to get that part under control.

A complication is her tail. Blood keeps seeping out of it, and yesterday the vet shaved some more hair off to see what's going on. It looks like a bigger part of her tail is wounded than we thought. Not that she feels anything there - but today outside she attracted a lot of flies, and her tail has become smelly too: probably infected! And that means that the tail will go sooner rather than later, possibly this Thursday, if we don't get this under control.

I personally wouldn't mind to get rid of it, as I am constantly worried that the tail gets stuck somewhere and do more damage.

- Evelyn

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ziva update 2

I came up with a new theory about what caused Ziva's damaged rear and think that I'm not far from the truth: she liked to walk on our fence, which isn't easy as the top edges of the individual planks are pointy. I think that she fell off the fence and that her tail got stuck between the planks, so that she hung on her own tail for a brief moment. Enough to create the pulling damage to her spinal cord.

At the moment she is mostly asleep, eats well, likes cuddles and she purrs. But she can't hold her poo, which appears continuously in little bits. The vet is teaching me to manually express her bladder, as it is important not to overstretch those muscles by letting the bladder getting too full. It is not clear if she lets her urine go as well.

Over time it will become clear if her nerves are just overstretched or broken, and I read that cats with no anal feeling sensation, which is what Ziva has, have a 50% recovery chance.

Note: i wrote this 2 days ago. Haven't seen poo since then, and we really have trouble expressing her bladder. And yes, when her bladder is full she drips! So go to the vet each morning to let them empty her bladder properly and teach me some more. Learnt a different grip today from a male vet (the first male!) with hands four times bigger than me, and I got a few drops out!
Take Ziva in her basket with me to where I am to give her some change of scenery: lounge, sunroom, study, our bedroom. Today she hasn't left her basket at all, she had a bit of a temperature this morning, and she hasn't purred. Still attacking her food when I feed her in her basket. Hope she's so quiet because she's busy healing!!

- Evelyn

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ziva update

Ziva is doing so-so. She sleeps all the time, and every hour when I check up on her she licks water from my fingers and eats some soggy food from my fingers as well. She had some foul-smelling stuff on her behind, but she was busy washing that off. And then she tried to get up, apparently to pee, but she moved like she was just coming out of a coma, very unstable. That was the point that I thought we need to see a vet.

So off we went again, to the vet. Diagnosis:
  • tail seems paralysed and might need to be amputated
  • after shaving some hair it appeard that her whole behind is bruised and thick
  • there might be nerve-damage to her bladder and bowel. If that is the case she will be totally or partially incontinent, which means we'll have to put her down!
  • there are no fractures, according to the x-rays
  • the vet thinks that someone in our neighbourhood has molested her, pulling at her tail and at the same time kicking her. If that's the case (not that you can prove it) I'll move immediately, even just thinking about it makes me sick and furious. I heard a cat screaming on the evening she disappeared, and it was close by. I even went outside and called her, but she didn't come.
So at the moment it looks 50/50. We'll know the real damage only when her bruising has healed. Tomorrow morning another appointment at the vet, to squeeze her bladder empty, and to get an update on possible medicines that will bring back the 'I have to pee'-feeling.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Things would be easier if they could talk

What a horrible evening, night and morning yesterday and today. Ziva went missing! She went out her pet door at 7.30pm for a last stroll yesterday and then she never returned! Shortly after 7.30 I heard something that looked like a screaming cat, which is nothing unusual as Ziva is often busy with the cat from the neighbours.

But she didn't come home that evening. And stayed away for the night. That is so unusual, that I've been up and calling her in the garden and on the street almost every hour of the night. And then this morning - no Ziva! Boohoooo!

So I rang the SPCA, all the vets in the area, and made flyers for the neighbours. My feeling was that she probably got stuck somewhere or had been locked up in a garage or garden shed. I even drove round the area a couple of times. No sign of her anywhere. I got to the stage where I was ready to sell the place up there and then and leave, it is sooo empty without my darling pet, just not worth it.
Then I decided to take a nap, as I hadn't slept all night and was really tired. Age woke me up with a txt message asking if Ziva was already home. Nope, nothing. And I got up and checked up on the guest room, to see if she somehow miraculously had returned and maybe was asleep on Age's hoodie (Ziva's big time favourite). I had to look twice, but there she was! On, or better, in Age's hoodie. Battered and bruised, at first it looked like she had no tail (haven't had a second look, but I think the tail is still there), and too tired to eat or drink or purr.

So she's back! And can't tell us anything! So I rang the SPCA again, and all the vets, and made 'Ziva is back' flyers for the neighbours... If she wakes up we'll have to examinate her closely.
What a day.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Nothing much

Hot news from our news desk:
  • Ziva has her own bean bag (zitzak) for cats. It came with a bag of cat food, and although the bean bag makes noise when she steps on it, she actually seems to like the thing a lot. Very handy, as she now has her own designated spot in our study too, just like us :-)

  • Ziva had troubles peeing the last couple of days. She tried to pee every 2 minutes or so, but of course there was nothing left! Went to the vet, she got 2 injections and I have to collect a urine sample. Very nice... and always at the start of the weekend! Today she actually seems normal again, and to demonstrate that she caught 2 birds. I was able to rescue one, but wouldn't be surprised if she finds that one back as it was a young sparrow (mus) and they are notoriously clumsy.

  • I found out what's eating my veggies: caterpillars! I might have left spraying too late, but couldn't do much last week as it rained continuously. My cauliflowers may be lost :-(

  • I harvested our beetroots yesterday. They weren't very large, but good enough and I thought it was about time to harvest them. I came across a nice recipe for beetroot dip, and processed them all with my new stick mixer. Age thought that was the stupidest thing ever to do with our beetroots; he was really looking forward to a nice succulent piece of chicken, oven fries, and beetroot :-)

  • I also harvested radishes, left them a bit too long and they were as big as tomatoes. I know why I left them too long... I don't like radishes that much actually, and mine are sooooo peppery! They also keep coming back after eating them (burp burp). So I think we'll do without radishes from now on. Did you know that their leaves are very prickly?

  • Swedes and fennel are looking good. Not sure about kohlrabi (caterpillars), and parsnips are quite slow. Leeks also slow. Half of the kale looks good, the other half has been eaten (caterpillars), and broccoli might be lost (caterpillars). Sprouts look okay, and endive is coming up. Ziva keeps digging out my carrots, and loves to lie on my young lettuce seedlings. Onions look good. Lemons are doing GREAT, lime tree too, and orange and mandarin might need another year to establish. I hope to get one orange :-)

  • Tennis was cancelled last week, due to rain. On Friday afternoon there was suddenly a gap in the clouds and I played 9 holes of golf, which was great! If the sun shines and the wind doesn't come from the South, all you need is short trousers and a t-shirt, as the temperature can easily reach over 20 degrees still.

  • And... we booked a trip to Adelaide, Australia, for early June. It's only for 5 days or so, but we're quite looking forward to it. We might be ready for new adventures, who knows? We'll get a tour of the city by Matt, a guy Age does some work for now and then, who has his business in Adelaide. We'll also spend a couple of days with Lois and Richard, who heard from our trip to Oz and thought it a good idea to visit relatives in Adelaide and meet us at the same time, so nice :-)
    Travelling to Adelaide isn't that straightforward actually, it costs us 2 days in total to get there and get home. A while ago I told my dad that we were going to fly to Adelaide, and he asked how long that would take, and I said that it was at least 5 hours in the air maybe more. Well he commented that "it would not even take a submarine that long!".

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Txt from Age in Wellington: there was an earthquake under our house!!
Evelyn's brains: @)&(//$&????? What house? Not here as i'm here. Ah he probably means our previous house in wton. I wonder if it still stands on that steep hill then. (visualising a lot of damage).
Txt from Evelyn to Age: our house in wton?
Txt from Age to Evelyn: no, OUR house!
Evelyn's brains: @(:)@"$(???? What's he talking about? Better give the man a call.
Evelyn rings Age: what do you mean 'earthquake under our house'!
Age: Well, didn't you feel it? There was a quake not even a km away from where you are, a 5.0 (!!), at 6.55pm.
Evelyn: no, didn't feel a thing. Was watching the news, sat on the couch.

I looked it up on, and there it was, a nice dot almost exactly where we live, a 5.0 at 110km depth. It was felt in wellington, marlborough and nelson. Can't believe I missed it!

- Evelyn