Sunday, 27 February 2011

Vege Garden

Yes yes, I'm quite excited! Plans for the vege garden are moving fast-forward at the moment. We've had the landscaper in who cleared all the shrubs and bushes in a certain part of our back yard. It's insanely different now, the garden looks bigger and lighter there. He also secured the fence, as that was about to fall over to the neighbour's garden - due to the heavy weight of their climbers on the other side of the fence.

Everything I planted so far is doing well: leeks, beetroot, cauliflower, lettuce and kohlrabi. But I've got bigger plans. I'd like a mandarin tree, we need lots of climbers and other things to cover the fence - passionfruit will do, and I'm thinking of a fan-shaped pear tree, maybe an apple tree (fan-shaped as well), and an apricot. I also wanted a peach tree - so exotic!- but they are actually not very pretty and often suffer from diseases.

Then lots of veges! I've made a list of what I'd like to have, sowing time, harvest time, how much space it needs, and how many plants I need for just the two of us. Some things won't be practical as it needs too much space, so I can take these off my list again, and other veges can be very rewarding. Definitely tomatoes, capsicum (paprika), zuccini (courgette), green beans, onions, cucumber, ... etc, all the basics really. Yummm.

Carrots, Parsnip, Fennel.

Corn, garlic, herbs.

Broccoli, borekale, ... brussel sprouts.

eeeeehhhhh. Need more room I'm afraid.

Strawberries? Raspberries? Yoghurt icecream with fresh berries.


I might start a vege blog, as I can see it coming in the next couple of months, vege this, vege that, mulching, pruning, watering, harvesting, cooking, ...

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Another earthquake in Chch - fatalaties

Another major earthquake in Christchurch this morning, more buildings collapsed and this time fatalaties have been reported.

See: NZ Herald and Stuff for latest news.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Launching a business and other stuff

Last week I've said goodbye to my colleagues at NZ Police in Wellington. I've resigned from my job and worked very hard to launch my training and development business! Have a look at and tell me what you think! It'll keep me busy for a while :-)

Because of me being busy and Age as well we have neglected our house and garden a bit - except for vacuum cleaning. But we desperately needed to spend some time on the 'wet' work and weeds. So today we've been really busy. I bought a cobweb broom (ragebol), to eliminate a million webs, and a window cleaning thing on a stick to do the windows, as we haven't done them at all since we moved in the house last year March.

And... plans for the veggie garden are taking shape. It's very nice to swap greens with others, so yesterday I got tomatoes from Anne's mom and I gave Anne a load of lemons. Our grapes are almost ripe, but I don't know if they are any good. We've had early plums ourselves in December and got a box with a later variety from someone else. And we have limes and a tiny orange tree, that looks like it's not very happy.

We've been given green peppers, spring onions, onions, spinach and red cabbage (rode kool). In a Dutch cookbook I found a recipe of red cabbage with apples, and that was really nice to eat! So yes, I'm a convert now, and Age is coming round slowly, very slowly. So today I bought some seedlings of lettuce (sla), leeks (prei), beetroot (rode bieten), cauliflower (bloemkool), and broccoli. It was just too tempting... but quite good in a way, because to put these seedlings in the garden, we need to do a lot of work first. Like getting someone in with a chainsaw and cut 3 tree-like shrubs down, taking a few plants out, and building 4 veggie beds. Can't wait!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Magical vacuum cleaner

Let's talk vacuum cleaners for a minute! Especially green metallic upright ones with a handheld attached - cordless.

It's the strangest story ever and it went like this:

Age: "If you go to the Noel Leeming store and wave with your Flybuys card, you'll get a vacuum cleaner".
Evelyn - thinking: What the heck do I need a vacuum cleaner for, we already have two, certainly not an ugly free give-away thing from Noel Leeming. I wonder if it will be one for on your back, no we definitely don't need that. "No thanks, but if you really want one, you go".
Age - thinking: huh?? A while ago she really wanted one of those free-standing vacuum cleaners! Women!! "Okay, I'll go, see you soon".
Evelyn - totally forgetting that Age is going to get one of those ugly free vacuum cleaners for on your back does some more work on her website.
Age - went to the Noel Leeming and back, put the vacuum cleaner on the table, and yells that he's home.
Evelyn - does some more work on her website. Then is going to make a cup of tea or whatever and finds this big box on the table!! "That's not an ugly vacuum cleaner for on your back, it's a lovely free-standing green metallic one! And it cost $250!! What the heck?"
Age - "You wanted this, so I got it from our Flybuys points! I told you!"
Evelyn - "You told me?? I had no idea! I thought you were going to get us an ugly vacuum cleaner for on your back".
Age - totally bewildered: "What on earth are you talking about????"

A couple of hours (!) later it became clear that I had done some research on these vacuum cleaners a while ago, Age had remembered this, and waited till we had enough points to get it. So he ordered it in and could pick the vacuum cleaner up from the store...