Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Around the house

A lot has happened since Age's parents arrived here, ranging from taking care of us in terms of cooking, cleaning, gardening, washing and so forth, to a lot of DIY (handyman-ity). Besides all that the garden has exploded, especially the flowers! And to top it up we have worked hard to incorporate all our IKEA stuff in the lounge and study.

1) The pots on the verandah are doing great!
2) Insanely huge and great smelling peonies in a bunch of flowers from my colleagues. I'd like to have these in my garden!
3) No piano in the lounge anymore, but a new and fresh looking bookcase.

4) Cute piece of art 'A moment adrift'

5) Hanging basket, lots of roses on the pergola; just a piece of garden
6) We've shifted the dinner table, made it bigger and added three bar stools in the kitchen. Sooo much better!
7) Lovely bunch of flowers on the table, with another insanely huge peony

8) Ah well...
9) A gazillion roses! The whole bunch is humming and buzzing with bees and bumble bees
10) Another version of 'A moment adrift'

And finally we're soon off for our 'short break', just before Age's parents fly back again to a cold and dark Holland.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Short break coming up!

We're looking forward to a short break this week, where we'll be packing our cars on Thursday (yes, two cars, one for Age and myself, and the other one for Age's parents) and decide there and then at the end of our driveway whether we'll turn left or right. In other words, we don't know yet where we'll be going.

Why two cars? Age and I need to get back to work at some stage and Age's parents would like to visit relatives in the Christchurch area, so they'll add a couple of days.

They've been really spoilt thus far with the weather in those two weeks they've been here. Summarised: sunshine! And last weekend we hit the 25 degrees; excellent for beach walks, bbq and dozing in a hammock.