Sunday, 31 October 2010

Age's parents have arrived

.... In sunny Nelson!! Everything went well during their trip, and after a nice meal and drinks and nibbles they crashed into their bed.

We have just had a lovely breakfast with pancakes outside in the sun, will have a look at the beach later on and fire up the good ol' bbq. All good :-)

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

More getting ready for visitors

We've worked hard this weekend! Our guest bed arrived this week, but before we could put it up in the guest room we really had to reorganise the garage (!) first. Sounds strange, I know, but we needed to shift some junk and a single bed from the guest room to make room for a queen size bed.

I hate starting those kind of jobs where you don't know where to start really. But it wasn't too bad actually and we made great progress in gorgeous weather. We put an ugly little cabinet on the curb outside for people to take away for free, and it didn't take long for an elderly man to stop and grab it! His wife will be very pleased, not :-)

Then Age had to play tennis and I cleaned up the guest room and put the bed up. When I was very busy proof sleeping the bed, he came home way too early!

So after a quick rest Age decided it was time to get rid of a mountain of mulch, which had been laying on our driveway for two months or so. It was mulch from our own garden, when we had some guys in to trim and prune trees, shrubs and bushes. It was almost enough for the whole front garden!

Then today Age spent the day on his computer: taking it apart and putting it together again (or so...). And I bought new curtains for the guest room and made them shorter. The room is looking really good now, the right colour and size curtains make a big difference - we had some strange coloured and oddly shaped curtains hanging there for the sake of having something.
And now it's time to put my feet up!

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Monday, 11 October 2010

Getting ready for summer and visitors

Besides working and mentally being busy with pregnancy-related stuff, we are slowly preparing our house and garden for summer and visitors. What have we been up to?

We bought garden furniture, which, as soon as it was delivered and set up, we haven't been able to using it due to horrible weather. Two weeks later the sun returned and now our terrace is the place to be. We also put the tarp up, so we're definitely pretending that summer's arrived. A big hit is the bistro set on the verandah, it looks lovely, fresh flowers on the table and no sun on your head as the sun is already too high up in the sky and thus being blocked by the verandah roof.

The building consent for our new woodfire has arrived, and the woodfire itself too. This week a plumber will disconnect the wetback connection - that is a waterpipe running from the hot water cilinder through the woodfire, heating the water up with the fire when that's going. Our new woodfire doesn't have a wetback, as we found out that it doesn't save that much electricity, but makes the heat output of the fire about 30% less efficient. Then next week we'll have someone to replace the fire.

Then also next week or the week after we can expect our IKEA stuff to arrive: bookcases for the study and living room, a carpet, and bar stools, and I thought a lot more than that although I can't remember what exactly! A major shift of stuff can then begin - also the piano needs to be shifted from the main house to the study, as there's no room for it anymore when the bookcase in the lounge is set up.

What else... o, we bought a very special guest bed - we'll talk about that later, when it arrives :-)

And we've used the muscular build of James and Age, who were walking around in the garden this weekend with very large and heavy pots to put them on a nice new spot on the verandah, directed by me (a bit more to the left, now a bit more right, hmm I don't like them here, let's put them somewhere else, etc). When we moved house in March we just dropped the pots more or less randomly in the garden, but now suddenly was the time to put them on display! The garden has exploded the last couple of weeks, almost everything is green now or flowering, and it won't take long before my roses will show off their fabulous flowers! So yesterday was my turn to spend the day in the garden, pottering around (literally), filling the pots with roses and petunias and more summery goodies.

James and Age used more of their unresistable muscles to get rid of a horrible tacky water feature, a near-naked nymph (spelling??) holding a can and if you switch the feature on then water comes out of the can and drops down in the 'pond' below. Brrrrr. Anyway, that's gone now. Age put it up on trademe and it sold within the hour! Can't believe there's a market for that. Another pot features now on this spot, together with (tiny) fresh lavender.