Monday, 19 July 2010


Today marked the 'formal' end of my real estate career. Six months is perhaps not really a career yet, but it was a decent attempt. It's also half a year and that felt long enough to conclude that it probably wasn't going to be a viable option for the near future. Having had one sale, heaps of new experiences (many out of my normal comfort zone) and having met many people and created many new relationships, it wasn't all for nothing - in the contrary.

What helped making this decision was the fact that I got offered two weeks of contracting in Australia: one day in Sydney, four days in Melbourne and three days in Toowoomba, near Brisbane. It meant being fully emerged in Information Technology and Project Management again, but it was an awesome experience: I enjoyed it actually very much and realized that this is probably what I'm really good at, something that comes natural - so why not try to do this more often?

That made the decision a lot easier. And so today I've cleared out my desk at the real estate office in Mapua and will now be focused on finding some more of these attractive contracting jobs. Anyone...?


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Very briefly

Today is oma's birthday - 95 or something like that! Hurrayyyyy!!!
And while Northern Europe is melting in a heatwave, we're just adding another piece of wood on the woodburner :-)

Last week Age's been in Sydney and Melbourne, came home on Saturday, really the only thing we did today was all his washing so that he can pack his bag again for another week in Oz, now being Brisbane. Okay that was a bit exaggerated, we had some pancakes for breakfast, I did a bit of gardening, ripping out an ugly climber, while Age prepared for his next trip. Then he went off for a game of tennis, while I was being lazy and read my book.

Tomorrow morning early we'll see a glimpse of the football finale before heading off to the airport once again.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Downtown Wellington

Just one pic from my 3 days in wton. It looks quite like a very big city, don't you think so?

Anyway, three days with miserable drizzle and grey skies, enough to get anyone on to anti- depressants, although it became sunny yesterday to be fair.

The metservice site has a great weathercam in Nelson, it takes a picture every 10 mins and you can follow the weather during the day by scrolling with the mouse. Click on the link 'the weather in nelson' in the menu on the right and then select the weathercam on the page that has opened.

So I had a look at clear skies and sun in Nelson now and then to free myself from these oppressive grey masses in wton. Made me very jealous of Age.

To finish it all off i encountered a big fat woman next to me in the bus to the airport and another obese lady next to me on the plane. Grrr.

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