Monday, 28 June 2010

More winter flowers

Camellia in our own garden with huge flowers!

Another camellia, purple with smaller double flowers

Promising bulbs - hyacinten??

Scary garden troll.

Oyster catchers on the beach.

Loads of shells yesterday on Rabbit Island.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Just encountered these lovely snowdrops on my way to the letterbox :-)

Monday, 14 June 2010

We've just been busy, that's all

Indeed, I noticed that it has been a while since we'd updated the blog, but we've been busy bees, and at nighttime it's actually much nicer near the fireplace than in our offices :-)

What has happened in the last couple of weeks:
  • Work work work
  • We've had a long weekend (Queen's birthday weekend (5-7 June), in which I did a lot of gardening on Saturday. I discovered bulbs coming up! Wonder what they are, could be tulips or so?
  • The Sunday in that weekend totally rained off - didn't know we could handle so much rain, we hardly slept that night because of the noise the rain made on our (iron) roof, and later on the wind picked up as well, which was quite noisy too. It didn't look like we would be able to play golf the next day; we put our names down for a tournament in Nelson, together with another couple. Anne and I already discussed that we wouldn't go out in the pooring rain, which Age totally agreed on, although Adrian apparently goes out in snow, rain and hail. But to our astonishment the next day looked actually pretty fine.
  • So while the rest of the country got soaked again, we were playing golf in 15 degrees, shorts and t-shirts. It was such a great day! Age was useless by the way, we played best ball nett, which means so much as that the least amount of shots counts - so we were a team of 4, and if I had only 4 shots on a hole and the rest had more, then we wrote my score down. Well, we couldn't use any of Age's scores - and I think he lost heaps of balls too. Luckily for him halfway the 18 holes there was a bbq cart on the course with hot sausage rolls!
  • While gardening our Dutch neighbour from across the road came by for a chat, and to invite us for a real Dutch coffee later that week. So off we went on Tuesday, for Senseo and apple crumble. They also know Henk and Toos, who is called Maria here, otherwise Kiwis always look at her feet :-) . And what, we don't know who Hans and Ans (or whatever their names are) are? From the kroketten cart? No, haven't met them yet, but I have a feeling that we will at some stage.
  • More work
  • And last weekend, I played golf on Saturday and Sunday, went reasonably well, lovely weather, although fresh. Age was working and did a lot of work around the house, for example fixing a fuse - sounds very simple, but the fuse box here is quite different from anything we've seen before. We can fix broken fuses with wire! Sooooo 1986!

At the moment it is between 12-15 degrees during the day, and 0-8 at night. Fairly fresh I have to say. The heaters cope well, especially when we leave them on at night.

By the way, welke idiote gehaktbal bij de Volkskrant schrijft er over een 'zeilmeisje'?! Ooit van een 'zeiljongen' gehoord???? Nee, ik ook niet. Hoezo denigrerend.

Pics are all taken while on a 30mins lunch walk from home. When working from home I try to get out of the house and go for a short walk around the block. This is what we see.