Sunday, 28 March 2010

On yer bike

This week was quite a nice week, in which I didn't have to travel and got quite some work done around the development of a new course for our staff.

I also biked in to work twice, 14k one way on smooth cycleways. The first half of the trip goes straight along the coast and the second half more inland over a track that once was an old railway line. Quite enjoyable, but unfortunately for me slightly uphill on the way home.

We expected visitors today, a former colleague of Age, which was the perfect boost for us to unpacking more boxes and decorating the lounges. So here I am now, sitting in my love seat with Ziva and watching the fire in the woodburner.

It's not that cold, just chilly enough to put the fire on (for the 2nd time).

Age is working on getting his first listing. He has been busy dropping flyers in letter boxes, knocking on doors from homes in the area that are for sale with other agents, driving around with potential buyers, and more. He's also busy playing tennis.

I've put in my fifth and last card for my golf handicap. This one was 110 and will be taken as a start as it is the best card. On thursday I'll get my handicap and from then on I'll be able to participate in competitions and tournaments.

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Monday, 22 March 2010

A few more low quality pics

Age in the conservatory

Desperate housewifes on the tv.

View from conservatory to kitchen.

Piano in lounge and the other furniture items are still randomly placed.

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The adventures of Ziva

On request: the adventures of Ziva in the garden.

Everything ok here. Need a couple of days to replenish energy after having been in Napier, Dunedin and Christchurch, which was quite tiring.

Played golf on Saturday and unpacked a few more boxes on Sunday. Finally some boxes with nice stuff like decorations and bakeware. Still missing my cookbooks!

Age has been on the roof installing a satellite dish which gives us a few more tv channels than the two we were able to receive with the rabbit ears (antenne). Ziva actually has been on the roof too. Busy there!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pottering around

Still haven't had much time to unpack boxes and stuff, as I have been in Wellington for a couple of days last week, and Age has been busy doing some work on the side for MetService. The house is incredibly lovely, it's just unbelievable, we really love it, even with the mess we're currently in. It is clear that we have downsized by moving to this house, and that doesn't make giving everything it's place easier. Especially the fact that we currently don't have any book cases, shelving or exposition possibility in the living areas is making that hard. We just don't have that many walls - we do have heaps of windows though! Making some customised book cases is therefore high on our (Age's) to do list.

Age also has been busy with the insurance company, as our move from Wton to Nelson by Crown Relocation wasn't flawless. Lots of things were damaged, how they did it is a miracle by the way: a crack in the television, a marble table in half, spokes from a bicycle wheel broken, a leg from a chair horizontally, a bathroom cabinet in 100 pieces, a few dents in a nice green retro cabinet. Anyway, this resulted amongst other things that we could pick up a new flat-screen tv yesterday, as our tv was beyond repair. Quite a positive thing, as we had a very chunky tv, weighing a tonne.

And today the piano has been moved from our rental place, by a piano tuner. He was very impressed with the piano 'ooo000 a real such and such', and also that it still has its original bone keys(???) (toetsen). After all the piano is 102 years old, so quite an achievement.

What else is there to say.... It is definitely getting cooler now, yesterday we had the heater going in the conservatory for the first time. Merely a result from a freak storm that hit Christchurch, Kaikoura, and Wellington and brushed past us. The temperature plummeted from 21 degrees to 10 in Wellington within half an hour. Great pictures on
I'm going to try out the woodburner tonight. We need to get an idea of how much warmth we get from it before we really need it, and how long it take for it to take off and to warm up the house. We think we have to replace the woodburner as it is not econo-friendly enough according to council standards, so better to make an informed decision on what to get next.

I've played my round of golf today, the 3rd card towards my handicap. Two more to go and then I'll be able to play competition. I went from 121 to 119 to 111 so still going down nicely. Not that it is pretty golf, but apparently quite efficient.

And next week I'll be in Napier, Dunedin and Christchurch for work. Busy week, but after that the travel around the country is over. Leaves me with more time to start doing some work in the garden here, and to get settled in. Tomorrow cleaning the rental place in Mapua, with a final inspection on Monday, great to leave the episode of moving house behind us!

For now: a hamburger and American Idol!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Finally: a garden!

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Friday, 5 March 2010


3 truck loads done - 6 more to go?

First night in our new home tonight.

Ziva has no troubles settling in!

I really wonder how many times we've shifted this one.

Washing machine fits only just!

Kitchen starts to look homely. Do you notice my new cookbook stand? A present from Age yesterday. We just have to find the cookbooks somewhere and we'll be sweet.

Tomorrow work resumes.

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Monday, 1 March 2010

The key, and with that the house, is ours!

Friday, and Saturday and probably Sunday too, we'll be moving house.
That will be fun, ... again. Hoorah!

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It had been a while ago that we've had visitors from holland, but last weekend we had Aart & Else over. I know them both from work; Aart from the Police Academy and Else from Hanze Uni. and they are currently travelling around NZ.

They stayed for the weekend, we've shared some good food and wine, had a swim, and monitored the tsunami threat together through all sorts of websites in absence of any official civil defence announcements. They've hit the road again now.

I've been to Wellington, Wanganui and Murchison last week, and am in Auckland now, all for work purposes. Played another 18 holes of golf on Saturday, which went not that well although my score was better than last week. Strange sport. And lastly: the house is ours!!! Yahoooooooooo.

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