Sunday, 28 February 2010


For the people in Holland who receive snippets of news that a 3m high wave is making it's way from Chile to New Zealand: nothing is happening here; the Chatham Islands got a 1m high wave, Wellington 50cm and I have no idea what it was for Mapua. We went a couple of times to the wharf here to watch the water, but apart from the fact that the tsunami coincided with high tide, nothing serious has happened.
Actually we heard that they expected the highest tide of the year tomorrow due to full moon or blue moon or whatever.

Tomorrow a big day: 1st of March - possession date of our new home!!

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Thursday, 18 February 2010


Pics from around the house. Not very special, just to get an impression of where we currently live.

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Sunday, 14 February 2010

And the games have begun

You would think that a sports mad country as New Zealand would broadcast events from the Olympic games - we even had a speed skater at the 5000 meters - but no, the games are nowhere to be found.

Luckily there is always that Romanian eurosport channel that streams over the internet, so we watched the opening ceremony with Romanian spoken comments. And today we saw biathlon and just the last three heats of the 5000m speedskating, where Kramer won a gold medal in an orange-mad stadium.

Ah we just found out that there is actually a tv channel here broadcasting the games - that'll make things easier.

This morning we went out for breakfast with a colleague (adele) of mine and her husband. Then Adele and I went for a walk - our Sunday morning routine since last week - and after that I went to the golfclub, became a member and hit a couple of buckets with balls on the practice fairway. My intention is to play LOTS of golf this year, enter a competition and do really well - that sort of thing.

Age is touring around on his motorbike, checking out the beaches in Golden Bay.

Next week up to Whangarei and Auckland for two days for work. Then a couple of mad weeks with lots more travel! And.... Moving house again.

Historic tree near my office.

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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Road show

I've hit the road last week for work, together with catherine. We've been to Hamilton, rotorua and Auckland, and travelled by car and a few planes, the one from Rotorua to Auckland being the smallest.

Lots more travel to come in the coming weeks; I'll keep you posted :-)

Home again I found Ziva and Age in pretty good shape!

Ziva and our mysterious nut tree. Is it a macademia?

Age playing with his iPhone.

Still gorgeous weather here with a constant temperature range of 24-27 degrees. Wellington on the contrary now and then hits an incredulous 13!!

Kaiteriteri on sunday evening last weekend, where I stepped on a wasp on the beach. Had an itchy foot the whole week!

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