Thursday, 26 November 2009

Moko the dolphin

Moko's antics yesterday were responsible for a full-scale marine alert at Gisborne's Wainui Beach.

Coastguard, Wainui Surf Lifesaving Club and police were alerted to a young surfer reported to be stranded 500 metres offshore after the bottlenose dolphin stole his surfboard.

The cheeky dolphin took 16-year-old Jack Britain's surfboard and started playing with it about 10m away from him.

Witnesses said when the surfer tried to swim to shore, Moko would "tease him" - swimming up to him with the board but pulling away when he tried to grab it.

Gisborne Coastguard launched its rescue vessel, lifeguards launched an IRB and the surfer and surfboard were retrieved.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pasta machine

After I read North & South Magazine last month, I decided I needed a pasta machine. The recipes section featured home made spaghetti and lasagne, and it said that making your own pasta is ridiculously easy, tastes so fresh and good, and it's wonderful fun to make. So I did a bit of research into pasta machines, and viewed a few 'how to' videos on youtube. After that I decided I was ready to buy the Italian made Imperia. All those flybuys points that were just sitting in our account came in handy and within 3 days I was the owner of a brand new pasta machine.

And I have to say, my first attempt to making spaghetti was a great succes. I had a lovely Donna Hay recipe (with asparagus, lemon, basil, pine nuts, and mince), with spaghetti. The only ingredients you need for pasta are flour and eggs - that's all! And the machine does the rest - you just guide your dough ball through the machine, adjusting the setting of the rollers each time, making the dough thinner and thinner, till the desired thickness has been reached. A dough ball the size of a fist becomes a stretch of dough of more than 1 metre in length, is my experience. Anyone wanting 1m long spaghetti???
Nooooo, so what do you do then???? CUT IT!

And lastly, guide managable lengths of dough through the spaghetti cutter. A miracle: suddenly your dough becomes spaghetti! Finally the spaghetti needs to be blanched for 45 seconds and that's it!

I would say: sprint to your nearest cooking store and buy yourself a pasta machine! By the way, it tastes great too :-)

Saturday, 14 November 2009

All Whites vs Bahrein

Tonight is a historical night: the NZ football team (as in soccer) is going to play in Wellington against Bahrain, in order to secure a spot in the World cup football. For the Dutch audience that is nothing to get too excited about, but for NZ it's their best World cup chance since 1982 I've been told. This country is all about rugby, but football is on the rise, and a match like this will help soar the popularity a bit further. The stadium is sold out, and I've heard that the Bahrain King is here too, with heaps of Bahrain supporters. Age is now trying to get the match via streaming video on the tv, as it's only being broadcasted via Sky (pay tv).

Will they start with a haka??

Saturday, 7 November 2009

No idea what to write about today

We're not sure what to do with the Christmas holidays, we're a bit in a dilemma: travelling around on the South Island, but in case our house gets sold we probably need some spare time to move out, find ourselves another place, etc. There is strong interest at the moment, we've had 2 good offers in the last two weeks, but both fell through due to the purchasers unable to meet their conditions in the contract. Quite unlucky, but it seems to be a good time at the moment.

The thing with going to the South Island in the silly season is that you can't just go to the ferry thinking that there will be a spare spot on the boat for you and your car. Everything gets booked solid, planes included, so you need to plan beforehand: your departure date as well as your returning date. Something we're not very good at. It's crazy New Zealand's summer holiday is crammed around Christmas and New Year, with the whole population holidaying in their own country for 2-4 weeks. One good thing: I've paid the deposit for the cattery, so Ziva has secured her spot there. Now that I'm writing this I think that it's time to set ourselves an ultimatum: Next weekend we'll plan our holiday, no matter what. Well, how easy is that??

After Age's snotty cold a week ago, it now was my turn to catch something, especially a sore throat. Taking it easy at the moment, a bit snotty, not too bad, but definitely not 100% fit either. Hate the throat-thing though. This gave me some time to read, and I can especially recommend the following books:
Besides reading I was drawn by an invisible chord to this nice little fashion store down the road, where I suddenly found myself walking out with two new summer tops! Owwwww!